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21-07-2022, Adi 05, Thursday, Ashtami Tithi till 08.12 AM and then Teipira Navami.

Ashwini Nakshatra till 02.17 PM and then Bharani.

Amrit Yoga till 02.17 PM then Siddha Yoga.

Avoid new ventures and journeys.

Rahu Period – 01.30-03.00 PM,

Yama Kandam– 06.00-07.30 AM,

Guligan 09.00-10.30 am,

Suba Horais – 09.00-11.00 AM, 01.00-01.30 PM, 04.00-06.00 PM, 08.00-09.00 PM.



Family harmony is good for your sign. There will be an increase in luxury items. The native will get good profits from assets.

Collection of old arrears. You will work together with partners in business and gain profit. Friends are helpful.


Although your zodiac sign has a generous income, so do the expenses. There will be minor health problems.

It is good to get along with colleagues at work. A small change in business can bring profit. You will get support from friends.


For your sign there will be harmony and peace in the family. Disagreements between husband and wife will disappear.

Get the long awaited professional bank loan. Auspicious negotiations will end smoothly. There will be new opportunities at work. Income will increase.


Your zodiac sign will bring prosperity in the family. Happy news will arrive from relatives. You will be interested in buying luxury goods.

There will be some benefits from the superiors in the office. There will be improvement in new business ventures.


Unexpected expenses may arise in the family for your zodiac sign. Work will increase in the office. Expected assistance from the government will be delayed.

The problems in business will decrease a bit. Family will be supportive. Help will come from relatives.


Your zodiac sign will make you look tired and inactive. Unnecessary tension will arise. Since your sign is Moon, you will be subject to gossip from others. It is better to act with moderation and caution in any matter.


There will be happy family events for your zodiac sign. Physical ailments will be removed and you will be active.

Business wise economy will be good. Co-workers at the office will be supportive. Thoughts can easily be fulfilled.

Happy news will reach your sign early in the morning. Benefit from siblings. Transactions in business will be smooth.

Efforts to buy modern products will bring success. A new person will be introduced at work. Income will increase.


Your zodiac sign will have moderate income. There will be some fatigue and lack of activity in the health. Advice from friends will reduce professional problems.

If you act frugally, you will get rid of cash shortages. It is better to be patient with anything.


Your zodiac sign may face financial difficulties in business. Mental problems arise from children.

You can avoid unnecessary problems by leaving it to family members. Unexpected favors are available and needs are met.


According to your zodiac sign, you will complete any task with determination. Children will make good progress in their studies.

Disagreements with relatives will disappear. There will be new changes at work. The indirect objections that were commercial will be reduced to some extent.


For your zodiac sign, you tend to indulge in activities without enthusiasm. There will be unexpected expenses in the family.

Officers will get new opportunities. There will be good progress in marital affairs. Business will be good and profits will increase.


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This post is also available in: Tamil हिन्दी (Hindi)