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Temple a day-Thiruneermalai


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Temple a day-Thiruneermalai

Thiruneermalai Neervannaperumal temple

It is believed that if we come to Tiruneermalai Divvya Kshetra once in our life and pray to all the four types of Perumala, then all the sins of our lives will be removed.

Among the temples of Perumal, the most important temples and the temples consecrated by the Alvars are revered as Divvya Desams. We are praising and worshiping a total of 108 divine nations. Thiruneermalai Thiruthalam is one of such wonderful places.

Ashta Sayanas:

Ashta Sayana shrines of Perumal are located there.

It is called Vadabhatra Sayanam in Srivilliputhur. They are worshiped as Vira Sayanam in Thiruvallur shrine.

In Mamallapuram, which is popularly known as Thirukkadal Mallai, there is a legend of Thala Sayanam.

They say Udhayana Sayanam in Thirukudantai Shrine and Darpa Sayanam in Tirupullani Shrine.

In Vaishnav, a temple means Srirangam Thalam.

In such a glorious place, Perumal is seen as Pujanga Sayana.

In Chidambaram, which is celebrated as the Thiruchithirakudam, Perumal is seen in Bhoka Sayanath Thirukolam.

Eighthly, Perumal achieves service in the Thiruneermalai temple, in the Manikka Sayanak Golam.

Tiruneermalai Divvya Kshetram is located near Pammal, Pallavaram, Chennai.

Sthala Purana describes this place where Arangan resides as Swayam Vyagata Kshetra.

That is, it means that silameni is caused by itself and not caused by humans.

As in Saiva temples it is called Swayambu Murtham, in Vaishnath places it is called Swayam Vayagtam.

The acharya gurus say that Srirangam Thiruthalam, Tirupati, Srimushnam, Salakramam, Naimisaranyam, Pushkaram, Badri, Thodatri etc.

Usually, Perumal performs service in a standing shrine.

He will achieve service in the lying sphere. He will show the world that was and the world that happened. Here in Tiruneermalai Divvya Thiruthalam, Perumal is seen in four ways, another greatness of this place.

Temple Structure:

The Gandava forest has an ornate entrance gate called Doyatri mountain gate. Nice wide staircase with 200 steps of uniform height.

Half way down at the junction on the right there is a small Anjaneyar sannithi if you go down four steps and peek.

This mandapam was built by the couple MS Subbulakshmi and ‘Kalki’ Sathasivam. Their marriage took place in this temple.

If you enter inside, there is a separate sanctum for Adiseshan on the left side in the outer prakaram.

Passing the flagpole on the right and going up ten steps, at the end of the steps there is a small shrine of Periyathiruvadi.

Opposite him in the sanctum sanctorum, Ranganathar is facing south.

On both sides of the sanctum sanctorum there are ancient pendir idols that light up the Buddha.

Names of Sayanakola Perumal

1. Jala Sayanam – Tirupalkadal
2. Thala Sayanam – Jasmine
3. Bujanga Sayanam (Seshasayanam) – Thiruvarangam
4. Uddiyoga / Uthana Sayanam – Thirukudanthaya
5. Veera Sayanam – Tiruevvullur
6. Bhoga Sayanam – Trichitrakudam (Chidambaram)
7. Darpa Sayanam – Tirupullani
8. Bhadra Sayanam (Badra means banyan leaf) – Srivilliputhur
9. Manika Sayanam – Thiruneermalai.

Mother Ranganayaki is in Tanishannidhi.
Utprakaram has Bala Narasimha Sannidhi.

He is also called Shantha Narasimha. When the Hiranyavatam was over, Prahlada felt an inward shudder at the sight of the lion standing there with an uncontrollable rage.

Seeing the fear on Balagan’s face, he said, ‘Oh! He is sitting here with two hands, turning into a child in his own image, just like him.

Behind him is Narasimha, with a two-armed self-image. He raises his left index finger.

He has no conch and wheel. Thus Narasimha can be visited here in two forms namely Pala form and Swayarupam.

Tiruneermalai is 10 km away from Tambaram, Chennai. You can reach this temple if you go to Pallavaram and from there take a bus passing through Tiruneermalai for 5 km.

Open from 8 AM to 12 PM and 4 PM to 8 PM.

Tiruneermalai Neervannaperumal Temple,
Tiruneermalai – 600 044.
Kanchipuram District.
Call: +91-4422385484, 9840595374, 9444020820

Perumal appeared as Swayambu here. It is one of the eight Swayambu Kshetras.

The other seven Swayambu Kshetras are Srirangam, Srimushnam, Tirupati, Salakramam, Naimisaranyam, Pushkaram and Badri. Since Swayambu is a murti, there is no abhishekam for the deity here.

Thilakappa is available only on the full moon day of the month of Karthikai. Chambrani ointment is applied only.

Perumal is seen in Thirukolam standing as Srinivarvanna Perumal. Similarly, Sreesantha achieves seva in Golam, where Narasimha was.

In Manikka Sayanam, he appears as Sriranganathar on a reclining golam. Trivikrama Perumal is the place where he gives grace in the Thirukolam.

Tiruneermalai Punya Kshetram is the shrine that has got all these honors together.

It is believed that if we come to Tiruneermalai Divvya Kshetra once in our life and pray to all the four types of Perumala, then all the sins of our lives will be removed.

Matrimonial yoga may be available soon. The acharya gurus say that marriage bans will be completely removed.

Tiruneermalai is proud to be the shrine where Sage Valmiki and King Thondaiman were seen here.

Devotees praise that if they come to Tiruneermalai, they will surely get good changes.

Temple a day-Thiruneermalai


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This post is also available in: Tamil हिन्दी (Hindi)