Sunday, November 27, 2022



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22-07-2022, Adi 06, Friday, Navami Tithi till 09.33 AM and then Teipira Dasami.

Bharani Nakshatra till 04.24 PM then Krittikai.

SiddhaYoga throughout the day.

Goddess worship is good.

Ragu Period – Day 10.30-12.00,

Yama Kandam – 03.00-04.30 PM,

Guligan Morning 07.30 -09.00,

Subha Horais – 06.00-08.00 am, 10.00-10.30 am. 01.00-03.00 PM, 05.00-06.00 PM, 08.00-10.00 PM.



Money flow is high for your zodiac sign-. All requirements will be met. Visiting relatives will bring happiness.

Help from friends will reduce debt problems. Auspicious talks at home are beneficial. Officers will get expected transfer.


Your zodiac sign will be a bit sluggish in your actions. There may be small arguments with parents at home.

The native will get unexpected profits in the way of assets. Favors can be obtained by matching co-borns. You will get new friendships at work.


Your zodiac sign will have good career and financial status. External friendships will be beneficial.

Jealousy at work will decrease. There will be good progress in charitable endeavors. You will buy expensive things.


Your sign will get good profits with the help of partners in business. Disagreements with family will disappear.

You will act energetically and energetically in anything. Efforts will be rewarded. Income will be satisfactory.


According to your zodiac sign you will have to adjust the family to avoid unnecessary problems. Vehicles cause waste.

Work load will be reduced with co-workers in the office. Health needs attention. Debt problems will reduce.


Your zodiac sign will suffer professionally. Unnecessary expenses may arise.

Since your sign is Chandrashtama, it is better to act calmly in any matter. Avoid unnecessary arguments in the family. Care must be taken when traveling.


For your sign there will be harmony and peace in the family. Resentment with friends will go away. Physical health will be better.

Relatives will lend a hand and help. You will get expected profit in business. There will be good fortune. Economic crises will reduce to some extent.


For your zodiac sign, you will complete any activity with full commitment. Relatives will support your efforts.

You will get unexpected profit in business. Collection of outstanding debts. Gold will be added. Children’s expectations will be fulfilled.


Your zodiac sign will be wasted by children. You will suffer from the grief of elders in the family.

Physical health needs attention. In the family, women act frugally. Business-related foreign trips will bring benefits.


According to your zodiac sign, you will face unexpected problems. Unity between co-borns will decrease.

Work load is high at work. Acting responsibly can avoid losses in business. There will be new opportunities. Relatives lend a helping hand.


There will be happy events in the family for your zodiac sign. You will enjoy buying new things. Good news comes through relatives.

Help is available through friends. Gains in business development efforts. The thought will be fulfilled.


Your zodiac sign will have medical expenses in the family. Relatives have different opinions. Travels will increase agitation.

Physical health needs attention. Unremitting efforts will lead to advancement in business. You will be more involved in deity worship.


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This post is also available in: Tamil हिन्दी (Hindi)