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23-07-2022, Adi 07, Saturday, Dasami Tithi till 11.27 PM and then Teipira Ekadasi.

Krithikai star till 07.03 pm then Rohini.

Siddha Yoga till 07.03 pm then Amrit Yoga.

Aadi Kritikai. Muruga worship is good. Avoid new ventures.

Ragu period – 09.00-10.30 am,

Yama Kandam 01.30-03.00 PM,

Kuligan Morning 06.00-07.30,

Suba Horais – Morning 07.00-08.00, Day 10.30-12.00, Evening 05.00-07.00. 09.00-10.00 PM.



For your sign, there will be vain disagreements with relatives. Unnecessary relocation in the office can cause stress.

Expected help from friends can be disappointing. You will make progress in business by adopting new strategies. Money problems will be solved.


Whatever you wish for your zodiac sign will come true. Unexpected profit in business.

Even if the workload increases for the officers, so will the benefits. Native assets will be beneficial. Debt burden will decrease. Health will improve.


Your rasi may have health effects. There will be a delay in getting the expected help.

It is good to get along with fellow workers at work. Sudden cash flow. Professional endeavors will be beneficial.


Physical health will be very good for your zodiac sign. There will be a harmonious atmosphere in the family.

Good opportunities will come at work. New deals will come in business. Foreign travel will yield favorable results. Collection of old arrears.


Your zodiac sign will bring good fortune in the family. Children will be supportive. All essential needs will be met.

Some people will get new responsibilities at work. Business will benefit from external contacts. Income will increase.


Children may cause vain problems for your zodiac sign. There will be futile arguments with co-workers at work.

Cash flow will be modest. Cooperation of friends will lead to good progress in business. Debts will decrease. Get the friendship of adults.


Since your zodiac sign is Chandrashtama, you need to be calm in everything. You will fall prey to other people’s gossip.

You will be inactive in any activity. Unexpected expenses will occur. It is better not to talk to strangers. Avoid trips.


You will be happy to receive good news for your zodiac sign. There will be improvement in physical health.

Problems at work will be solved. The competition in the industry will disappear. All efforts will be rewarded.


Inflow of money will be good for your zodiac sign. There will be joyous events due to the visit of relatives.

Great people will come in contact with business. You will enjoy buying new things. Children’s needs will be fulfilled. Good things will come.


For your zodiac sign, it’s good that you think things over and over again. Vehicles can lead to wasteful expenses.

Dealing in business requires attention. Help will be available from relatives. Co-workers work in unison.


Unnecessary problems will arise in your family. Disagreements will appear in people born together.

There will be improvement in industry and business. Partners will benefit. It is better to pay some attention to physical health.


According to your zodiac sign, the skills of the officers will be appreciated by the superiors. A new person will be introduced in the business.

Differences between husband and wife in the family will disappear. There will be positive results in marriage negotiations. Cash flow will be better.


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This post is also available in: Tamil हिन्दी (Hindi)