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Special Aadikrutigai for Lord Muruga


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Special Aadikrutigai for Lord Muruga


As an auspicious day for Murugan, Adi Kritika is celebrated in an extra special way.

Worship Lord Muruga and get rid of your problems on Aadik Krithikai Day.

Adi Krittikai is a very special day in the months of Adi months. Generally it is very good to fast in the star of Kartiga.

Moreover, it is said that if we fast on the day of Adi Krithika, even our doshas will be cured.

Murugan was born by the grace of Lord Shiva. Lord Muruga was raised by six Kartika girls.

In order to honor those Karthikai women, all six of them became “Karthikai” stars and Lord Muruga was worshiped on that day.

During the year, two krittis namely Tai Krittikai and Aadi Krittikai are special.

A day of fasting to honor the women of Kartika who destroyed Suran and raised Arumukha Peruman to protect the gods.

Big Karthika and Karthika Deepavizha falls in the month of Karthika. Other stars are clusters of one, two, three or four stars.

It is believed that the Nakshatras are abundant in Krittikai alone, so that the lord who donates in that Nakshatra and his dynasts attain immeasurable benefits.

Kritika Nakshatra is so glorious. Kritika day is observed every month as the auspicious day for Murugan.

Aadi Kritikai is seen as extra special.

Aadi Kiruthigai Highlights:

Lord Muruga incarnated as 6 children in Saravana Poikai to destroy Surana on Aadi Krittikai Day.

The children were nursed, nurtured and nurtured by six Karthik women.

It is because of this that Murugan has 6 important roles. 6 syllable mantra called ‘Saravanabhava’, six faces, six arms and many other special features

The day of Krithika fast is observed to honor the women of Karthika who destroyed Suran and raised Arumukha Peruman to protect the gods.

What’s special:

On Aadi Krittikai Day, the Tamil people of the world celebrate it as an important day to offer prayers and offerings to the Tamil God Murugan.

There are also those who visit the Murugan temple on the monthly Krittikai Day. So powerful is this Krittikai Thirunal

On this day, Lord Muruga is celebrated with abishekam, decoration, archana, Thiruveedi Ula.

Lord Muruga is generally seen as an aspect of Mars.

Special Aadikrutigai for Lord Muruga

Hence, marriage hindrances caused by Mars, Mars dosha hindrance, son dosha, embarrassments due to brothers, blood soil, problems in land, property cases,

Mars afflicted people can worship Lord Muruga on Aadik Krithikai day and get rid of all problems and get all wealth.

How to fast?

On every Kritika day, wake up early in the morning, take bath, light a lamp at home, visit the nearby Lord Muruga Temple and fulfill your prayers.

A special Aadikrutigai for Lord Muruga


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This post is also available in: Tamil हिन्दी (Hindi)