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Temple a day-Viralimalai


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Temple a day-Viralimalai

Lord Shanmukha Nath Temple, Viralimalai

Swami: Shanmukha Nathan (Arumugam)

Ambal: Vallidevasena

Theertha: Nagatheertha

Thalavirutsham : Viralich plant

Highlights: It is said that Valli marriage took place here. It is better to have Lord Muruga 10 feet tall.

Where the temple is now there was a kura tree. A vendetta is chasing away Vengai. When that happens, the venga disappears where the kura tree is.

Worship is done thinking that the Lord is present at the place where the kura tree is.

Lord Muruga called Arunagirinath from Vayalur to “come to Virali hill”. Arunagirinath came in the form of a beggar without knowing the specific place.

He was taken by a guide to Virali hill and disappeared after reaching the hill.

Ashtamasithi was given to Arunagirinathar by Lord Muruga in this temple and this temple is considered very important even today.

It can be understood that this place is very special from the fact that Arunagirinathar has sung about this place 18 times in Tirupugazh.

It is at this Viralimalai sthalam that Lord Muruga, who wrote Om on his tongue and made him sing Tirupukal, gave Ashtamasidhi (the trick of flowing from nest to nest) to Arunagirinatha.

Arunagiri Nathar, who stayed in this temple for a long time, has got Murugan of this temple melted in its turning point, which is a proof of the pride of this temple.

A mountain where many wise Siddhas did penance in exchange for Tiruvannamalai.

Tiruvarur Dakshina Murthy is the place where God gave bread to the servant.

This is the shrine where Muruga appeared and blessed the four Zenakas, Senandas, Senadanars and Senakkumars while they were meditating.

A Naga Pratishtha is performed in the midst of the Naga Thirtha.

A devotee named Karuppamuthu was involved in the restoration work once upon a time in this temple. One day it rained with strong wind.

The nearby river was overflowing. Couldn’t cross the river. He prayed to Muruga. Unable to bear the cold, he lit a cigar.

Then someone came to him trembling. Taking pity on him, Karupapamuthu asked, “Do you want a cigar too?” He asked.

The visitor also bought cigars. The man helped Karupapamuthu to cross the river. Then he disappeared.

When he went to the Karupapamuthu temple and had darshan of Murugan, he was shocked to find a cigar in front of him. Everyone present was surprised to hear that the black pearl had happened.

Temple Highlights:

Since that day, Murugan has developed a habit of offering cigars in the evening puja.

In the middle ages, the Maharaja of Pudukottai banned this practice. Murugan who appeared in his dream,

“Cigar creation for me is to develop the spirit of helping others and not to emphasize the habit of smoking.

My devotee wanted to help someone who was suffering in some way. That’s why I accepted the cigar he gave me with love even though it was undeserved.

Let this practice continue. “Don’t forbid,” he said. Since then, this practice has continued to this day. These cigars are taken as offerings and kept at home.

It does not matter what we create for God; This event has taken place to highlight the importance of devotion and love.

A hill full of peacocks. The south-facing peacock on which the six-faced Lord is seated is called the Asura peacock.


Vaikasi Visagam – 10 days, Thai Poosam – 10 days.

Kanda Shastith Festival (Surasamkaram) – Aipasi – 6 days. Arunagirinath Music Festival is held every year with much critical acclaim.

There are special poojas on all the auspicious days of Muruga, such as Pongal, Diwali, and his birthday.

Those who worship Lord Murugan in this temple will get peace of mind and be blessed with children.

As soon as the child is born according to the prayer, the child’s in-laws or relatives hand over the child to Swami

Instead of the child, Thavit is given to the Swami who takes the child and hands it over to the parents.

This place is one of the most important places of worship in Tamil Nadu. At this place they pray to Murugan to get rid of disease, suffering, longevity, education, knowledge, wealth and agricultural prosperity.


Hair loss, ear piercing, kavadi removal, balkudam removal, shashti vratam, kayapini dira men perform angapratsana, women kumpidutandam and adipradatsana.

Apart from this, Shanmukharchan and Shanmukha Velvi are performed.

Those who come to this place can observe Karthika Vrat, give food to the poor, and donate to the charity.

Temple a day-Viralimalai

Route to temple

The temple is on the Madurai & Trichy highway for easy transportation. The temple can be reached by city bus facility from Trichy city.

Temple Timings

Shanmuganathar Temple is open from 6 AM to 11 AM and 5 PM to 8 PM.

Viralimalai Murugan Temple Address:

Netaji Nagar,
Tamil Nadu 621316

Temple a day-Viralimalai


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This post is also available in: Tamil हिन्दी (Hindi)