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Temple a day-Swamimalai


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Temple a day-Swamimalai


Temple History:

Thanjavur District, Kumbakonam Circle, Swamimalai, Arulmiku Swaminathaswamy Thirukovil is the fourth of the Arupada houses of Lord Muruga.

It is a famous place for preaching the Pranava Mantra Om to Lord Shiva.

Lord Muruga is popularly known as Thakappan Swamy in this temple. It is called Kurumalai, Kandachalam, Siragiri, Shivamalai because it was blessed by being a Guru.

Another name of this temple is called Thiruveragam. The name Swamimalai has been established because the Lord is Swaminathan here.

The temple is known as Meenakshi Sundareswarar Temple as Shiva Sundareswarar’s mother is named Meenakshi here.

Temple a day-Swamimalai


Brahma, one of the trinity of creative gods, was once proud of himself. He considered himself the first creator of all living beings.

So he became arrogant to the point of pride. Lord Muruga decided to suppress it.

Brahman happened to visit Shiva in Kailayam. At that time the arrogant Brahman thought Murugan to be a child.

Murugan called Brahma and asked him to explain the meaning of pranava and its philosophy. Brahma could not answer.

So Vekunda Murugan imprisoned the child on Brahma’s head. This affected the creative industry.

Lord Shiva is the one who knows the meaning of Pranava, not the ignorant. It was only by praying to Sage Bhrigu Eason that he understood the rigors of Jeevan Muktana.

In order not to disturb his penance, he cursed that those who obstructed his penance would forget the knowledge of Brahman and performed penance.

Lord Shiva puts his Thirukarat on the sage’s head and suppresses his Davagni.

Sage Bhrigu attains Prajna and awakens. He worships Lord Shiva and rejoices. Shiva also blessed your penance and blessed you.

Sage Bhrigu regrets that his curse will affect Shiva because he has canceled his penance and asks Shiva to forgive him. Even Shiva will not respond to your voice.

He says I will gladly accept your curse. Atman is called Putra Namasi in Vedas. Accordingly, Shiva performs Brahmapadesam to fulfill the Rishi’s promise to his son Swaminathan. This is the reason why Shiva forgets the object of pranava.

All the Devas went and told Shiva what had happened and what needed to happen.

Having done so many Thiruvilayadals, I realized that this is a new Thiruvilayadal coming from Lord Muruga. He told Murugan that he would liberate Brahman.

“What is the purpose of creative work for Brahman who does not even know the meaning of Pranava?” Lord Muruga asked the counter question.

Do you know the meaning of Pranava which even Brahman does not know? Lord Muruga said, I know.

So tell me! Lord Shiva said that he should be the teacher and himself the disciple and receive upadesha (philosophical instruction).

Lord Shiva realized that the climax of Lord Muruga’s thiruvilayadal was near.

According to Thirunavukkarasar’s song “Kantadathan Kandene”.

Lord Shiva’s preaching journey started from Tiruvaiyat, also known as Tenkhailayam.

In the month of Avani, on a wonderful day with the Astha star, Shakti and Ganapati along with their entourage departed and left Lord Nandi at the Nandi dam.

The place where Lord Ganapati is seated is called Ganapati Agraharam, the place where Shakti is seated is Umaiyalpuram, and the place where Lord Shiva is seated Ganges is called Gangadharapuram.

Temple a day-Swamimalai

After that Lord Shiva and Murugan alone preached the Pranava material Om in the nearby hillock (mountain) because it was the place.

The region is called Swamimalai because Swami himself was Nathan.

Later, this cliff was turned into a hill. Devendran worshiped Lord Muruga in this temple surrounded by gods and worshiped Airavath (white elephant) in his memory.

Because it was given to Lord Muruga, there is an Airavatham in front of the original, even today.

Among the Devas who came with him, he left sixty devas with Tamil year names to serve Lord Muruga in this place.

The devotees who come to see Lord Murugan in this temple have the privilege of climbing on their backs to worship Lord Murugan sixty steps in this temple.


Devotees who come to this place on account of Kaveri Swaminathan pray that they should bathe in the tirtha and visit this place, and he has been blessed to stay in this town under the name of Kumara Tarai.


As Gangadevi visited Murugan and got her salvation, she also begged grace to stay at this place along with Kaveri.

Lord Muruga also blessed him to be a tree at his place. Gangadevi blesses the devotees with the Dattatri (Nelly tree) in this temple.


Kaveri (Kumaratharai), Netra Pushkarani, Saravana Poikai, Brahmatan Pool, Vajra Theertha are located in the temple area.


Lord Muruga is standing in this thalam in the form of Panarupa and Lord Shiva is standing at a height of four feet with his left hand on his thigh, with a rod in his right hand, Yakyobiyam (Poonul) on his chest, with Uchikudumi on his head (on his head) and with the power of Ichashakti, Gnanashakti and Kriyashakti.

Pathikam (Songs)

Thirumugaartupapa: Nakkirar’s Tirumugaartupapa is placed in the 11th Thirumi of the Saivite Thirumayas, but it stands out as the first in Patuppat as a Sangam literature.

The book has 317 lines and praises the six Tithalams of Murugavel. Thirueragam comes fourth. This is Swamimalai.

Tirupugall: Arunagirinath Swami sang the honey-kissed songs of Tirupugall in Chandattamil asking the devotees to meditate on the God of Chandhamil forever.

Arunagirinath Swami himself was the one who confirmed Swamimalai as Thirueragam. We have 38 Tirupupugal songs about this place. In this book, the Dothra section has been incorporated.

Festivals: Tirukarthigai Festival – 10 days, Chitrai – Brahmotsavam – 10 days, Vaikasi – Vaikasi Visakha Festival, Avani – Pavitrotsavam – 10 days, Puratasi – Navratri Festival – 10 days, Aippasi – Kanthashasti Festival – 10 days, Margazhi – Thiruvadhirai Thirunal – 10 days ,

Thai – Pusapperuvizha, Panguni – Valli Thirukalyana festival, among these the festivals held in the months of Chitrai, Karthikai and Tai are the major festivals with flag hoisting. Tirupati festival is celebrated every year on the English birthday

Apart from these, devotees usually throng on Tuesdays of the week on Tuesdays of the week on Krittikai, Madhaburut, Ammavasai, Pournami, Shashti, Karttikai, Visakha and on special days like Tamil, English New Year, Diwali, Pongal.

Prayer: Devotees visit in large numbers for marriage boon, child boon, family wealth, long life, education, better wisdom in questions, higher studies, employment, promotion.

If we worship Swami Nathan, we get rid of all the troubles, diseases, animals, goblins, fire, water, floods and sins.

Grooming: Shaving, sandal protection to Swami, Panchamirtha Abhisekam, milk abhishekam, giving alms, lighting ghee lamp, taking milk jug, taking kavadi, abhishekam are the main rituals of this Talat.

Those who are afflicted by enemies perform the Trisad ceremony. Giving alms to the devotees who come to the temple is also customary. It is also customary for wealthy people to donate material for temple repairs.

Open from 6 AM to 1 AM, 4 PM to 9 PM.

Murugan Arupada House Temples

Tiruparangunram Subramanya Swamy Temple
Tiruchendur Murugan Temple
Palani Dandayuthapani Temple
Swamimalai Swaminathaswamy Temple
Tiruthani Murugan Temple
Pazhamuthircholai Murugan Temple

Temple a day-Swamimalai


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This post is also available in: Tamil