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Andal’s birthday is Aadipuram


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Andal’s birthday is Aadipuram


Adipuram festival is celebrated in the month of Adi when the Pura Nakshatra is at its zenith. It is a festival dedicated to Goddess Amman’s birthday

Aadipuram is a special day for Ambal. This festival is specially celebrated in the Pura Nakshatra which falls in the month of Adi.

Puranas say that Umadevi incarnated on this auspicious day.

Adipooram is said to be the day when Ambal emerged as a power to protect the people of the world.

Aadipuram festival is celebrated not only in Saiva temples but also in Vaishnava places. Because the day of Andal’s incarnation is Pooram Nakshatra in the month of Adi.

Puranas say that Goddess Bhuma incarnated as Andal on the day of Aadipura. Pooram star day in the month of Adi is a special day for Ambalu.

Puranas also mention that Siddhas and sages started their penance on this day.

At the time when the various aspects of Emperuma, such as conch, wheel, bow, katha, sword, etc. were the only weapons incarnated as Alvars, Bhumadevi also incarnated as Andal on the day of Aadipura.

The day the Goddess was born

It is considered as the foundation day when the world appeared in this world to save mankind from sufferings.

It is believed that on this day the Goddess visits the world and blesses the people. Aadipuram on Friday is considered very special.

It is believed that Andal was born on this day. That is why a special pooja is held in Vaishnava temples on Aadipuram.

It is believed that if unmarried women bow to Andala on this day, they will get married soon.

It is believed that if you have darshan of Andala on Puram Nakshatra Nannal in the month of Adi, you will get married, and if you worship Ambikai and buy a bangle, married women will be blessed with children.

Aadipuram is celebrated on 1st August this year. Let’s see how to fast and worship Ambigai on this auspicious day.

Aadi month

The month of Aadi is an auspicious month for worshiping Ambal. It is said that the Goddess incarnated in the Puram Nakshatra that falls in this month.

On that day, special worship will be held in all the Goddess temples and bangles will be offered to Ambal.

On this day, many devotees buy bangles and offer them for Ambal worship. Mangalyam status for married women.

Baby shower for mother

As Aadipuram is also a day of wearing ambikai bangles and having motherhood kolam, it is also believed that women who worship on this day will be blessed with children.

If women wear bangles that are given as prasad in goddess temples, then mangalyam will be like mind. Let’s see what other special things happen on Aadipuram day.

Women who are penance for motherhood buy bracelets for the mother to hold a baby shower and pray that they too will have a baby shower soon.

After the baby shower, all the bangles adorning the mother are given as prasad to the female devotees. It is believed that if Amman buys a bangle for the baby shower on the day of Aadipuram, it will bring good fortune.

Andal’s birthday is Aadipuram


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This post is also available in: Tamil हिन्दी (Hindi)