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Templa a day-Veeraagavaperumal


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Temple a day – Veeraagavaperumal

Thiruvallur Veeraragavaperumal temple is one of the 108 Vaishnava shrines. The temple is located in Thiruvallur near Chennai in Tamil Nadu state of India.


The temple is maintained by Agophila Math. The temple was built by the Pallavas with a five tiered raja gopuram (main gate).

Separate small temples have been built here for Kanagavalli Ammaiyar, Ganesa Alwar, Gajalakshmi Thayar, Gopalan, Nammalwar, Chakrathalwar, Andal, Vedanta Desikan, Ramanus Acharya, Lakshminarasimmar.

It is said that this is where the Lord King Dharmasena’s daughter Vasumathi performed thirukalyanam.

The inscriptions here are dated B.U. 9th century refers to the second half of the Pallavas.

Local legends say that this temple is 5000 years old. Lord Vishnu resides in this temple as a hero.

The Lord of this temple is also known as the “Medicine Hero”.

In the belief that the hero would cure incurable diseases, people used to carve the diseased organ on a small metal plate and submit a request to the god to cure the disease.

The Lord is anointed here with only sandalwood oil.

Temple history

The sage Salihotra, who was born as a result of the sacrifice of the sage Puru, used to do penance here.

After making aditi every day, Perumal came in the form of Vyothigar as a guest of the voracious Sage Salihotra and received food.

Claiming that he was insatiable, he ate the sage’s share and asked the sage where he should sleep to relieve his hunger, and the sage showed him his ashram.

He reclined there. As he asked “Where to sleep” the town was named Evvullur and Evvudkitan became Perumal’s nickname.

Legend has it that Sridevi’s mother, Vasumathi, lived as a woman to Dilipa Maharaja, and married Perumal’s mother, who went hunting with the name of Veeranarayan.

After that the name Perumal was changed and until then Kingruhesan was the main nickname for Perumal.

Veeraragavaperumal temple

During the Christian era, a sage named Purupunya lived in Bhadrikashram with his wife Satyavati. They have no children.

So the sage started performing the Putragameshti (Sali Yagam) with great devotion and devotion to pray for a child.

He recited the mantra 1000 times a day every time and took ghee and added it to the Homagunda and completed the Yagya for a period of one year.

On the last day of the yaga, when the yaga was over, Shriman Narayanan appeared at the homa fire and said that he was pleased with the homam performed by the sage and that he would grant the sage’s request.

The sage also prayed to be blessed with a son. Sriman Narayan also blessed the child with a son and blessed him with the name of the Yaga performed by the sage and called him Salihothran.

Then the sage offered homa offerings to his wife. Ten months later a beautiful baby boy was born to Brupunyar.

Sage Sriman Narayanan named the child as Salihothira. Salihothran showed signs of various positive developments as he grew up.

Thai Amavasyai

When Salihotra came to Thiruvallur on a Thai new moon day, he saw many gods including Brahma and many sages including Vasishta taking bath in the Hruthapanasini Teertha there.

Immediately he did severe penance for Perumala for a year. After a year, after completing his penance, Salihotra took a dip in Hruthapanasini and started the morning pujas.

As he did penance without food and water for a year, he took some rice flour and prepared some prasad out of it.

He divided it into three parts and kept the first part for Sriman Narayanan, the second part for distribution and the third part for himself.


Hruthapanasini is the most sacred thirukulam in this temple.

It is so sacred that all the pains in the mind can be solved by looking at it, touching it or drinking it.

Ganga is considered holier than Godavari rivers. Other festivals are held in the hall in the middle of Thirukkula.

Thiruvallur was known as Bhikusharanyam in Puranic times because it was a dense forest where various sages lived.

In 1999, all the gopurams were repaired, painted and Kumbabishekam was held.

It is a sight to see Hindu religious culture and Dravidian art in the sculptures of the tower of this temple.


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This post is also available in: Tamil हिन्दी (Hindi)