Thursday, December 8, 2022



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03-08-2022, Adi 18, Wednesday, Shashti Tithi after 05.41 PM and then Vakurirai Saptami.

Astam Nakshatra till 06.23 PM and then Chitrai.

Marana Yoga till 06.23 PM then Siddha Yoga.

Aadi 18th Multiplier.

Shashti fast.

Muruga worship is good.

Avoid new ventures.

Ragu Period 12.00-1.30 PM,

Yama Kandam 07.30-09.00 AM,

Kuligan Morning 10.30 – 12.00,

Subha horais are 06.00-07.00 am, 09.00-10.00 am, 1.30-2.00 pm, 04.00-05.00 pm, 07.00-09.00 pm, 11.00-12.00 pm.


For your sign, there will be happy events in your house. Auspicious efforts in matrimonial endeavors will yield favorable results.

The officers will get their expected pay rise. Entrepreneurs will be successful among many competitors.


Whatever you do for your zodiac sign, if you put some thought into it, you will be successful.

There will be a slight slowdown for self-employed people. Debts can be reduced to some extent by being frugal. Help is available through close relatives.


If you leave your horoscope to family members, you can avoid unnecessary problems.

There will be economic crises. It is better to reduce luxury expenses. If you put some thought into your new business ventures, you will be successful.


Your zodiac sign will make you cheerful and active. There will be profit in money transactions.

Efforts to buy professional modern tools will bring success. Co-workers at work will be supportive.


Your zodiac sign requires attention to what you do. Friendship can turn into enmity.

It is better to postpone new business ventures. Giving back to your colleagues in the office will bring benefits.


This day will be a day when your dignity and respect will prevail for your zodiac sign. Do the most difficult thing bravely and you will succeed.

You will get profitable results from associates in business. Family will be supportive.


Inflow of money will be abundant for your sign but expenses will also increase. Unnecessary disagreements arise among family members.

If you give it up, the existing problems will be reduced a little. Business talks will be beneficial.


Your zodiac sign will bring prosperity in the family. Brothers and sisters will support you.

Officially some people get promotion according to their skills. Children’s wishes will be fulfilled. Involvement in spiritual and divine activities will increase.


Inflow of money will be good for your zodiac sign. All requirements will be met. Pride comes from children.

Your value and respect will increase at work. Some people have the desire to buy a new car. Collection of old debts.


Your zodiac sign will incur excessive expenses. Avoid unnecessary arguments with relatives.

No matter how hard you work, you cannot get a good name. New ventures related to business will bring favorable results.


Your zodiac sign will make you look a bit confused. Since your sign is Chandrashtama, you should exercise moderation in any activity.

It is better not to talk too much to outsiders. A little care is required in the matter of giving and receiving. Avoid trips.


Economic status will be good for your zodiac sign. You will be interested in buying luxury goods.

Amicable negotiations will be held. The meeting of great people will bring happiness. Physical health will improve. Professional objections will decrease.




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This post is also available in: Tamil