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Who is Goddess Srivarahi?


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Who is Goddess Srivarahi?

Devi Sri Varahi Amman Devi is one of the Matrikas (Chaptamatharas), representing the female power of Shakti, a group of 7 mother goddesses in Hinduism. She is considered an incarnation of the goddess Boo and the female form of Varaha (the third of Vishnu’s 10 incarnations). She is well known as the commander-in-chief of Bhubaneswar (Lalithambika).

Goddess Varahi – :

The word “Varahi” refers to wild boar. Varahi Devi was born in the star “Aailyam” and the Tamil month “Adi”. It is believed that she was born in the chakra of Goddess Bhubaneswari. She helps Varaha Murthy to save the world. Varahi is very angry and at the same time, very protective of her devotees like her mother.

According to Devi Mahatmya, Goddess Durga created 7 witches from her self to destroy the demon Raktabija in a battle, Lalithambiga creates each avatar to kill each monster, and Goddess Varahi creates “Vishukran” to kill the monster.

Merits of Srivarahi Devi:

Generally, Devi Sri Varahi Amman Devi is described as a boar face with a human body of dark black color with conical basket shaped crown (Karanda Makuda) and 3rd eye on the forehead. She is depicted in standing, sitting or dancing positions. Sometimes, she is depicted carrying the earth in her tusks and wearing a crescent moon crown on her head.

According to various Puranas, Goddess Varahi is said to carry various weapons in 2, 4, 6, and 8 arms and ride various vehicles depending on the forms she takes in various situations.

Garland made of red flowers, fish
Ganda-mani, kamandalu-water pot
Chamara – Yak’s Tail, Chakra
Discus, Mag, Kabbalah – Skull Cup
Gada, Shaka – Couch
Sharang-bow of Vishnu
Hala – plough, musula – insect
Ankush- God, Rosary
Sword, iron club
Rope, shield
Abaya – Protection, Varada – Blessing
She rides on various vehicles like boar, snake, carrion, elephant, among which buffalo, horse and lion are her favourites.

Various Forms of Goddess Sri Varahi:

Generally Goddess Varahi has various forms, the knower of which is called Ashta Varahi and they are as follows;

Swapna Varahi
Mahisharuta Varahi
Adi Varahi
Lagu Varahi
Unreligious Varahi
Aswaruda Varahi
Simharudu Varahi
Maha Varahi
The Varahi Tantra describes Goddess Varahi as having 5 different forms.

Swapna Varahi
Sanda Varahi
Mahi Varahi
Gracha Varahi
Matsya Varahi

Other Forms of Goddess Varahi:

Senatha, Thandanatha, Panjami, Kaivalya Rupa, Veeranari, Gariyadevi, Varthali, Thumavati, Bali Devata, Sangeeta, Samayeswari, Megha Sena, Arigni, Agneya Sakreswari.

She is impregnated with the wealth, nourishment and maternal qualities of the universe. Sapta depicts the powerful energy of matrikas, controlling physical and mental enemies

Sacred mantras call for sadhana, protection, good health, a complete women-hood. The Celtic Mother Goddess is worshiped under different names, “Old White So”, and her brother is also known as “Seth”.

Four arms, two with mortar and plough, the other two with Abhaya Mudra and Varada Mudra. She represents the energy of Yama, the female form of Varaha.

She is capable of suppressing violence, subduing enemies, protecting the continent and the border of peace.

Blessings to all to come to life, overcoming challenges from neighboring continents, showering bliss and peace on the entire universe.

Benefits of worshiping Devi

Get rid of troubles and obstacles, remove the evil eye, bless the desires of life. To bless good health, ward off infectious disease and ward off evil spirits.

Protects from accidents, blesses long life and removes fear. Reverse adversity, rescue from prison, bless courage and strength

Protects against financial losses, provides wealth, stability and security, word power, fame, happiness, removes psychological disorders.

Supreme victory over witchcraft, evils and enemies, bless the exalted position

Maha Varahi Moolah Mantra:

Om Kleem Varaha Mukhi Hreem Siddhi Swarupini Shrim dhana vasangari dhanam varshaya swaga

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This post is also available in: Tamil