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Benefits of Karungali dollar


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Benefits of Karungali dollar

Karungali dollar / Ebony bead

Ebony bead (karungali) locket removes all negative thoughts from your life, including cataracts.

Wearing this can see good progress in the workplace or business, stimulate positive thoughts and give you the pursuit of wealth and good luck.

The person who wears Karungali beads bracelet gets healthy and wealthy life.

It gives relaxation to our mind and body. It helps reach great heights and succeed in all the endeavors.

The Karungali bracelet helps you relieve from depression and anxiety relief and relaxes your nerves.

Who can wear Karungali dollar?

Karungali dollar works as talisman created to protects against the evil eye, nazar and drishti. Cleans your aura by wearing this dollar.

This dollar is very suitable for business person who are suffering from sudden down trend in business. Wearing this protects you from enemies.

What is Karungali dollar used for?

Using Karungali dollar will bring success, career growth, avoidance of cash shortages, helps peace of mind, removal of long-standing barriers to victory, elimination of depression, laziness, anxiety and mental fear, Karungali wood belongs to the Angara Gragha(Mars).

Where does Ebony come from?

Ebony, is a black hardwood, dense enough to sink in water. A native to Sri Lanka, India, Africa, and Indonesia, it is part of the evergreen tree family. The Ebony tree reaches maturity between 60-200 years and grows on lower altitudes and within tropical rainforests.

Benefits of wearing Karungali Dollar :-

1. To get rid from evil eye.

2. To get success for every action

3. To gain blessings from our family Deity

4. To gain blessings from our desired God or Goddesses.

5. To overcome financial difficulties and Struggles.

Karungali dollar benefits :-

The Karungali bracelet helps you relieve from depression and anxiety relief and relaxes your nerves.

Karungali bracelet gives the wearer a lot of health benefits , removes skin and nerves problems.

It gives strength to bones and prevents from many health issues

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Apart from the above mentioned uses there are many other uses and benefits of Karungali dollar which can be felt while using.

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This post is also available in: Tamil हिन्दी (Hindi)