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Temple a day-Thiruverkaadu


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Temple a day-Thiruverkaadu

Sridevi Karumari Amman Temple, Tiruvekadu

Ambigai blessed by Surya

Let’s learn about Surya’s experience in the various Thiruvilayadals performed by Sridevi Karumari Amman.

One day, Ambiga took the form of a nomadic fortune teller and went to Surya and told him to predict his future.

But Surya, who did not realize that the goddess Karumari Amman was in front of him, ignored Ambika.

Enraged, Amman cursed the sun, and he began to lose his luster little by little. Also, due to the curse of the goddess, his pride was also diminished.

Realizing his mistake, Surya prayed earnestly to Ambikaya and begged her to forgive him.

Sridevi Karumari Amman too, softened by Surya’s prayers, forgave him. And, as the sun prays, on Sunday

He made it the most auspicious day for him and granted that twice a year, in the months of Puratasi and Panguni, at sunrise, the golden rays of the sun would fall directly on his head.

Because of this, Sunday is the most auspicious day for Ambigai.

Also, every year, during the months of Puratasi and Panguni, we get to see the golden rays of the sun fall directly on Ambigai’s head during sunrise.

Brother Vishnu to bless with her

Once upon a time, Thirumal, who resided in Vaikunda, visited directly to see his younger sister, Goddess Karumari Amman perform alms at Thiruvekkat.

Delighted by Thamayan’s arrival, Ambikai kept him standing near her, facing south, at Tirumala Srinivasa Perumal Thiruk Kolam, praying for the blessings of the devotees who come to see the Navagraha.

Thamayan also promised Ambikai that he would do the same.

Thirumalum, as promised to his sister, is standing at Thiruvekkat, Srinivasa Perumal Thiruk Kolam, facing south, giving grace to the devotees.

Similarly, Sage Veda Vyasa’s joy when he saw Ambigai and Srinivasa Perumal at Tiruvekkad at the same time was beyond measure.

Prayers and grace

With the grace of the Mother, the devotees who come here are blessed with marriage, children and business development.

People take neem from Mother with devotion which cures incurable diseases.

Bewitched with neem and cane, evil spirits, witchcraft, mental illness etc. are cured.

People with Rahu Ketu Graha dosha pour milk on their stomach to get rid of such doshas.

Every full moon, 108 Thiruvilakku Pooja is performed in the evening by 108 Sumangali women. Those who perform this Pooja get the benefits according to their involvement and attain high status in life.

It is the promise of Mother’s grace that she will give life to worshipers who breastfeed and remove the doshas caused by planets like Rahu Ketu.

Apart from these, crowning, chariot pulling, kunguma abhisekam, garlanding, sangabishekam, kalasabishekam, wedding ceremony, pongal vaithal, angapradhatsanam and kannatakam are the main finer debts paid by the devotees to the goddess.


Here Devi Karumari Amman has arisen as Swayambu, in Nagapuputu. Also there is a shrine called “Marachilai Amman” in this place.

Temple a day-Thiruverkaadu

Moolavar: Sridevi Karumari Amman
Pride: Swayambu
Highlight: Nagaputtu
Worship: Lantern Puja
Thalamaram: Velvelam
Thirtham: Pushkarani
Pathikam: Sambandhar Devaram
Mythical name: Velangadu

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This post is also available in: Tamil हिन्दी (Hindi)