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06-08-2022, Adi 21, Saturday, Navami Tithi after midnight till 02.11 am and then Varapirai Dasami.

Visakha star till 05.51 pm and then Anusham.

Siddha Yoga throughout the day.

Avoid new ventures and journeys.

Ragu period – 09.00-10.30 am,

Yama Kandam 01.30-03.00 PM,

Guligan– Morning 06.00-07.30,

Subha Horais – Morning 07.00-08.00, Day 10.30-12.00, Evening 05.00-07.00. 09.00-10.00 PM.


Since your zodiac sign is above 12.06 pm, there will be unnecessary worries.

It is better not to interfere in other people’s problems. Avoid new ventures. Business trips require some caution.


Your zodiac sign will get help from relatives. Unity with family will be good.

Children will behave responsibly. Sudden good news will bring good progress in marriage endeavours. Competitive jealousies will decrease in business.


The arrival of a close relative in the family will bring happiness to your sign, but wasteful expenses will also increase.

Cash inflows will be modest. Unexpected transfer to some people at work will cause emotional distress. It is better to be calm in anything.


Cash inflows will be good for your sign, but savings will be depleted due to wasteful spending. It is better to be moderate in talking to close relatives.

Professionally big people will meet. All new endeavors are fruitful.


Your zodiac sign will get a new lease of life. With the support of great people there will be good progress in business.

Co-workers at the office will be supportive. Transactions in business will be satisfactory. Family needs are met.


Your zodiac sign may get stuck halfway through what you thought you could do. Although travel is beneficial, it is better to be careful.

You will be interested in buying household items for women. Business transactions require attention.


Economics will be good for your sign. You will engage in spiritual and divine activities.

Gains in new ventures professionally. There will be an increase in luxury items. Some will have the opportunity to buy a car.


Your zodiac sign will have moderate income. In terms of assets the native will get some gains even if the fluctuation increases.

Those involved in business can avoid unnecessary problems if they follow their partners. Economic crises will reduce to some extent.


Inflow of money will be generous for your zodiac sign. The problems in the family will decrease and unity will prevail. Children will be proud.

Support and cooperation of partners in business development efforts. Workload will be reduced for the officers.


Your zodiac sign will be blessed with abundance and happiness. Officers will get their desired transfer.

Even a person who was an enemy until now will act as a friend. You will get good news from outsider regarding business matters.


Your zodiac sign will have extravagant expenses. Unity with siblings will decrease.

A little thought and action in property matters can avoid unnecessary problems and wastages. Co-workers at work will be supportive.


Unnecessary problems may arise for your zodiac sign. There will be minor effects on health.

Avoid futile arguments as your sign has Chandrashtamam till 12.06 p.m. If you act calmly, problems in business will be reduced to some extent.



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This post is also available in: Tamil हिन्दी (Hindi)