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Temple a day-Maangadu-Kamatchiamman


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Temple a day-Maangadu-Kamatchiamman

History of Mangadu Kamatsiyamman Temple

Goddess Kamakshi:

This mangadu is the place where Devi stood on fire on one leg and did penance to marry Isaan.

History has it that Eason, who was humbled by the severe penance performed by the goddess here, married Kamakshi as Ekambaresvara in Kanchipuram only after this.

As much as Kanchikamakshi Amman has greatness in Kanchipuram, so is Mangudi Kamakshi Amman.

‘Arthamerusreesakaram‘ is very special in this temple.

Ambal can be seen on this site standing on one leg amidst the flames with her eyes closed in remembrance of Isaan.

Ambal can be visited in four forms in the moolasthan of this temple. Ambal in the form of Sri Chakra, Kamatshyamman from Panchaloka, Kamatshyamman doing penance in fire,

The Kamakshi Amman lamp is kept burning in the form of a torch near the Kamakshi Amman. These four are worshiped as aspects of the Goddess.

Head History:

It is because of that Eason’s vision that the world functions. At that time Parvathi Devi closed the eyes of that emperuman once as a game.

A second when both the eyes of the Emperor are closed is an age for us. The world is dark. The sun and the moon do not shine. Devi’s game has become a verb.

Lord Shiva has gone to the top of his anger. As a result, Lord Shiva cursed the goddess to take human birth on earth, perform penance and then join him.

The goddess, who took human birth in the world, chose this mango-tree-filled mango tree, underwent severe penance in the midst of fire, and married that Ekambaresvara as Kamakshi in Kanchipuram.

This place full of mancholais is called Mangadu and because of the penance of the goddess, the temple got its name as Mangadu Kamachi Amman.

But even after Devi’s marriage to Isaan, the heat in this place did not subside at all. Seen only with drought.

To change this situation, Adi Shankara consecrated and worshiped the Sri Chakra and made the area prosperous.

It was only after Adisankara consecrated Sri Chakra that the goddess’s anger subsided.

This is why Sri Chakra is worshiped at this place in the form of Ambal.


In this temple, the unmarried people wear lemon garlands as they get Manakolam from Tava to marry Goddess Isaan.

It is believed that if you pray to Goddess Kamakshi, you will get married. If those who are not blessed with a child pray for a cradle, they will surely be blessed with a child.

A temple-Mangadu-Kamakshiyamman per day


Mangadu is located at a distance of 15 km from Coimbatore and 20 km from Tambaram.

Darshan Timings: Morning 06.00AM – 01.00PM Evening 04.00PM – 09.30PM


Temple of Goddess Kamakshi
Kanchipuram District.
Tel: +91-44-2627 2053, 2649 5883.

Varalakshmi Puja without placing the kalasam. Worship like this is only beneficial.
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This post is also available in: Tamil हिन्दी (Hindi)