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Temple a day-Maasilamaneeswarar


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Temple a day-Maasilamaneeswarar

Masilamaneeswarar Temple at Vadathirumullaivai

It is a Shiva temple located in Tirumullaivasal village in Avadi circle in Tiruvallur district. It is the site of Sundarar’s song. It is a myth that this place is known as Ratnapuram in Kridayuga, Vilvavana in Tretayuga, Shanpakavana in Dvaparayuga and Mullaivana in Kaliyuga. Thondai is one of the most popular places in the country.

City: Tirumullaivasal
District: Tiruvallur
State: Tamil Nadu
Country: India

Temple information
Author: Masilamaneeswarar (Basubadeswarar, Nirmalamaniswarar)
Mother: Kodiidai Nayaki (Kodiidayammai, Latamathyambal)
Head plant: Mullai
Theertha: Marriage Theertha
Agama: Shivagam

Special Festivals:

Vaikasi Brahmotsavam, Masittheppa Festival, Aniil Vasantha Utsavam.
Song Genre: Devaram
Singers: Sundarar

Temple history
There were two miscreants, Onan and Vanan, in the north of Thondai country.

They are worshipers of the minor deity Vairavara, and by violence build great ramparts, adding material to others.

Those who lost their property used to hide in these ramparts and commit atrocities when attacked.

They used to enter Puzhal Kotam belonging to Thondai country and often caused suffering to the people.

Temple history
Tondaiman left Kanchi with an army with the intention of putting an end to their heinous act.

When he arrived at Thirumullaivai, he decided to spend the night there as soon as the time had passed.

At midnight, the king heard the sound of bells coming from the north-east direction and thought that it might be the sound of the bells of the Arthasama worship of the nearby Shiva temple.

When the time came for the ministers to say that it came from the Kurumbars’ fort, Thondaiman took the army with him to subdue the Kurumbars.

Knowing the news that Thondaimaan was coming with an army, the Kurumbas gathered their forces and fought.

Unable to face the onslaught of Thondaimaan, the Kurumbas hid inside the fort.

Thondaiman’s forces were defeated with the help of a goblin gifted by Vairavan, the god of the Kurumbas. Thondaiman, thinking that he could not fight any longer, stopped the war and returned to Pasara.

On the way, the elephant’s legs were entwined with thorns, and the king cut the thorns while sitting on the elephant.

The vines at that place were cut and the blood gushed out from that spot, and the king got down from the elephant in shock and looked away from the place.

There the lord of the Lord saw the formed lingam, fell down on the ground, profusely sweated, and his eyes welled up with tears.

Taking his sword and putting it around his neck, the Lord appeared

He disappeared saying, “Lord, even if we are cut by the sword, we will be masila mani (flawless mani) so that you may fight with Nandi’s partner and win.”

Then Thondaiman along with Nandi defeated the Kurumbars and then took the two white pillars from their ramparts and built a temple for the Lord at Tirumullaivail.

Even today those Vellarukkan pillars stand at the gate of the Masilamaneeswarar sanctum.

Sundaramurthy Nayan
At Tirumullaivai, Masila saw the Thirumeni of Lord Maniswara and built a temple for Lord.

Thondaiman Chakravarthy was a worshiper who built sanctum sanctorum, Mahamandapam, Patti Mandapam, Ankara Mandapam, Kalyana Mandapam etc. and made arrangements for the regular worship. Sundaramurthy Nayan wrote this

“O Lord, the one who praises and praises, surrounds the flower and surrounds it with a flag of mullay, and manifests his pleasure in the border.”

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This post is also available in: Tamil हिन्दी (Hindi)