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12-08-2022, Adi 27, Friday, Poornami Tithi morning till 07.05 am and then Prathami Tithi till 03.47 pm and then Teipira Thithi.

Avitam Nakshatra then sets till 01.35 in the night.

Siddha Yoga throughout the day.

Goddess worship is good.

Ragu Period – Day 10.30-12.00,

Yama Kandam– 03.00-04.30 PM,

Kuligan 07.30 -09.00 AM

Subha Horais – 06.00-08.00 am, 10.00-10.30 am. 01.00-03.00 PM, 05.00-06.00 PM, 08.00-10.00 PM



You will have to make auspicious expenses for your zodiac sign. The stagnation in the industry will be removed and there will be progress.

Expected assistance will be available through Govt. The workload at work will decrease slightly. Involvement in spiritual matters will increase. Children will be proud.


According to your zodiac sign, your income will be modest. Good things happen in the family through children.

You will have to face unexpected problems in the office by your superiors. Bystanders will be supportive. It is better to reduce luxury expenses.


As your zodiac sign has Chandrashtamam till 02.49 pm, it is better for you to be calm and cautious in any activity.

There will be minor health problems. Care should be taken when traveling in vehicles. After noon there will be peace of mind.


Your Rasi will face medical expenses in the family. Since your sign has Chandrashtam from 02.49 PM, you need to be careful in your actions.

You will fall prey to other people’s gossip. It is good to be patient when it comes to dealing in business.


According to your zodiac sign, you will get happy news in the morning. Those born with the zodiac will be supportive in solving your problems.

The financial position of the house will be excellent. External contacts in business will open up new opportunities.


Your zodiac sign will make you feel a bit tired and inactive. Even if happy events are held by relatives, wasteful expenses will also increase.

Involvement in office work will be slightly reduced. Congenial births are beneficial.


According to your zodiac sign, you will be inactive in any work. Children may be wasteful.

In business there will be troubles due to hidden enemies. Economic crises can be overcome by being frugal. Deity worship is good.


You will be passionate about the work you do for your zodiac sign. Friends will be supportive in new business ventures.

For some, there will be opportunities to buy things in a new place. Beneficial efforts will bring benefits.


According to your zodiac sign, you will have extravagant expenses. Unnecessary disagreements with close ones will appear.

There will be an increase in officials’ misdemeanors at work. A business trip will bring benefits. It’s better to be frugal.


Your zodiac sign will have a generous cash flow. Debts that have not come due for a long time are collected today. There will be good progress in business.

There will be positive results in marriage talks. Get the introduction of great people. Gold will be added.


For your zodiac sign, there will be happy family events for you. There will be a little delay in getting the expected help through relatives.

In the workplace, you can avoid unnecessary problems by delegating to your fellow workers.


According to your zodiac sign, you will be interested in buying luxury items. There will be joyous events in the family.

A few will get promotion in office. Joint ventures have favorable benefits from partners. Income will increase.


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This post is also available in: Tamil हिन्दी (Hindi)