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Temple a day-ThillaiNatarajar


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Temple a day-ThillaiNadarajar

Natarasar temple
The Kaveri Vadakarai Siva Thalams are one of the Chola Nadu Kaveri Vadakarai Thalams, where the Devara hymns were sung by the four saints namely Appar, Sundarar, Sambandhar and Manikkavasakar.

The place is known as Chidambaram Thillai Nataraja Temple, Chidambaram Thillai Koothan Temple and Chidambaram Temple. This place is known as a temple in Saiva literature.

It is also known as Bhuloka Kailasam and Kailayam. This place is located in Chidambaram town of Cuddalore district in Tamil Nadu.

History of the temple

This place is given in ancient times as Thillai. It is believed that this place originated four thousand years ago.

Source of this temple: Thirumulanathar, (in pure Tamil: Ponnambalanath)
Utsavar: Natarasa, (Tamil: Kanagasabhainath)
Mother: Umaiambikai, (Samasukrit: Sivakamasundari)

Thilla tree is the main tree of this temple.

There are Sivagangai, Paramananda Koopa, Vyakrapada Theertha, Ananta Theertha, Nagacheri, Brahma Theertha, Sivapriiya, Pulimedu, Kuya Theertha and Tirupalakadal Theerthas.

This place is one of the Panchabhuta places.

This place is also said to be the incarnation place of Thiruneelakanda Nayanar. In earlier times, this place belonged to the Chola, Pallavar and Vijayanagara governments

Not only has it been renovated but grants have also been given to this temple from these governments.

Chidambaram has been worshiped by Thirumoolar, sages Patanjali and Vyakyapadar. It is the first prominent place among the 275 hymned Shiv Thalams.

One of the Thiruvasaka shrines. Similarly Tiruvisippa is one of the triennial shrines.

Chidambaram is known as Perumabhapuliyur.

It is named as Puliyur because sage Vyakhrapadar performed puja at Pulikal.

The name of the temple is Chidambaram. “Siddam – Heart”, “Ambaram – Akasa”. Siddham + Ambaram – Chidambaram.

Over time, the name of the town disappeared and the name of the temple changed to Chidambaram.


The temple is spread over an area of ​​forty acres, has four towers and five congregations, one for each of the four directions.

Sculptures in one hundred and eight Bharatanatyam positions can be found in the east tower of this temple. Also there is an idol of Moolavar here, the place is called Kanakasabai.

This church was gilded by the Chola King Parantha I. Hence this congregation is known as Ponnambalam; In vernacular it is called Kanakasabai.

For Saivites, the temple means Chidambaram Natarasar Temple.

That is how Saivism and Chidambaram are intertwined. Some people also call it Periyakoil

Temple structure

Chidambaram Natarasar Temple is situated to explain the temple of human body.

The human body consists of five rounds namely Annamaya, Pranamaya, Manomayama, Vijnanamayama and Anandamayama.

In return, the Chidambaram Natarasar temple has five circular shrines. The human heart is on the left side.


The temple has four Rajagopurams. These consist of seven levels.

The base of the tower is 90 feet long, 60 feet wide and 135 feet high.

The gate of this gopuram is 40 feet high.

In the east tower of this temple there are sculptures of 108 Shiva Thandavas.

Ganesha shrines

There are various Ganesha Sannidhis like Mukkuruni Ganesha, Thirumip Katthiya Ganesha, Pollab Pilliyar, Vallabha Ganapathy, Mohana Ganapathy, Karpaka Ganesha, Nardhana Ganesha, Tirumula Ganesha.

There is a myth that Pollap Pillai himself said that there are rituals inside the Chidambaram temple.

Navagraha shrines

Patanjali Shrine –

Gambatu Ilayanar Sannadi –


Chidambaram Natarasar temple has various temples inside the temple.

Sivakamasundari Amman Temple – The Sivakamasundari Amman Temple is located on the north side of the third prakaram.

Statues of Yama and Chitragupta are located near this shrine.

Govinda Raja perumal Temple

Pandiya Nayak Temple – To the north of the Sivagama Sundari Temple, the Pandiya Nayak Temple is located.

This is the temple of Murugan. The six-faced Murugan is present in this temple along with Valli and Devasena.

Navalinga Temple – A temple with Lingas worshiped by Navagrahas.


Chitdha Sabha, Kanaka Sabha, Dance Sabha, Deva Sabha and Raja Sabha are located in Chidambaram Nataraja temple.

Perambalam is known as Devasabha, Nirutha Sabha as Dance Sabha and Kanakasabha as Ponnambalam.

Moolavar Statue

Arul Balikrar as Moolavar Thirumulanathar Swayambu Murthy.

The 9 kalas on the golden roof represent the 9 types of Shakti.

The 18 pillars in the hall next to the Artha Mandapam also represent the 18 Puranas.

Chidambara secret

In this assembly there is a small gate on the right side of the Speaker, where the curtain is removed and the Deeparathana is displayed.

There is no idol, but a golden bow garland is hung.

The secret of this is that the Lord is here in the celestial form.

It is to realize that space has no beginning and no end, it can only be felt.

Six periods of worship
Chidambaram Natarasar is worshiped six times daily.

The six-period puja is

  • Morning Pooja
  • Second Pooja
  • Peak Pooja
  • Twilight Pooja
  • A period of secret worship
  • Midnight Pooja

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This post is also available in: Tamil हिन्दी (Hindi)