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Subakridhu year Adi 29, Sunday, August 14, 2022
Tithi : Later Chaturthi till 10:36 PM Tithi
Nakshatra : Puratathi till 09:56 PM then Uttarathi
Yoga : Sukarmam till 01:37 AM, then Druti
Karanam : Vanasai till 11:40 AM then Pathrai till 10:36 PM then Bhavam.

Rahu period on Sunday 14th August is 04:53 PM to 06:27 PM. Shulam-west, parikaram-wellam.


Puratathi – Aug 13 11:28 PM – Aug 14 09:56 PM
Uttarakhand – Aug 14 09:56 PM – Aug 15 09:07 PM

Sun and Moon time
Sunrise – 6:00 AM
Sunset – 6:27 PM
Chandraudayam – Aug 14 8:35 PM
Chandrasthamanam – Aug 15 8:52 AM

Inauspicious period

Iraq – 4:53 PM – 6:27 PM
Emangandam – 12:13 PM – 1:46 PM
Bath – 3:20 PM – 4:53 PM
Duramuhurtham – 04:47 PM – 05:37 PM
Sacrifice – 07:12 AM – 08:45 AM

Auspicious time

Abhijit period – 11:48 AM – 12:38 PM
Amrita Period – 02:26 PM – 03:56 PM
Brahma Mukurtam – 04:24 AM – 05:12 AM



It’s time to face your fear. Realize that it not only reduces physical activity but also shortens life.

Money will come in unexpected ways and brighten this day. Convey messages through words and non-verbal actions to show the family how much you care.


Self-improvement programs can be beneficial in more ways than one. You will feel good and confident about yourself.

Add an investment today – collect outstanding debts – or ask for money to work on new projects. New friends will be found at the family event.

But be careful in choosing. Good friends are like a treasure that should always be protected.


When you go out to enjoy life to the fullest – you will find complete joy and happiness Today you are likely to benefit from the help of your brother or sister.

Be a standout and complete doer in life and work. Guiding others with a kind heart and intrinsic motivation.

It will automatically bring harmony in your life.



Pleasure trips and social events will keep you relaxed and entertained.

Any problem related to money can be solved today and you can benefit from money. Evening movie-theatre or dinner

A spouse will want to keep you relaxed and in a wonderful mood. Help someone see success in their love.


Strength of mind increases with strong resistance and fearlessness. Let this momentum continue. It helps to control any situation.

There is an opportunity to get money today, but you cannot earn money because of your angry nature.

Have fun with friends and relatives. Your darling’s erratic behavior will spoil your romance today.


Pressure from seniors at work and dissatisfaction at home can cause some stress – which affects concentration at work.

Only wise investments pay off – so be careful where you put your hard-earned money. Rituals or sacred events should be performed at home.

Time, work, money, friends, family, relatives; Today you will forget yourself in love where everyone is on one side and you and your partner on the other side


Sharing happiness with others improves physical health.

Your financial situation will improve to pay off long pending loans and bills comfortably. Going shopping with your wife is instant gratification.

It will also help to increase understanding between you. There are chances of heartbreak in love today.



Feelings of insecurity/unsettledness can create lethargy.

Investing in land or any property today is risky for you.

Avoid investing in these things as much as possible. A person living with you will be more irritated by your activity today.

Today, you will feel that your loved one loves you.


A pleasure trip with friends and family will make you relax.

Financial situation will improve due to speculation or unexpected profits. Someone you trust may not be telling you the whole truth – convincing others

With your skills, you will solve the problems that may arise. Today you can indulge in rich romantic chocolate.


Today you will suddenly need money and you will not have enough money.

To enjoy full-time leisure, you need to get away from people and do what you love.

By doing this you will also get positive changes. You will stay at home today, but domestic disturbances may bother you.


Take long walks for your health. Inflow of money today will free you from many financial problems

Someone you know will go overboard in terms of finances and causing discomfort at home.

Memories of romance dominate today. Your partner will be full of great energy and love throughout today.


There are chances that your desires and ambitions will be affected by fear. You need some proper advice to deal with this.

Those who have invested somewhere on the advice of an unknown person, today they are likely to benefit from that investment.

High energy and enthusiasm will bring positive results and reduce tension in the home.


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This post is also available in: Tamil