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Temple a day-Aranganathar


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Temple a day-Aranganathar

The auspicious Aranganathar temple

Moolavar – Aranganathar
Utsavar – Namperumal
Mother – Aranganayaki
Thirukolam – Phujangasayanam, Thirumuga Mandalam
Theertham – Chandrapushkarani, Kaveri, Kollidam, Devsurangam
Vimana – Pranavakruti Vimana
Sthala vrutsham – Punnai treeMangalasasanam –  Periyalwar, Andal, Kulasekarajalwar, Tirumazhisaiyalwar, Tirumangaiyalwar, Tondaradip Podiayalwar, Tirupanajalwar, Beyalwar, Poikayalwar, Bhuthathalwar, Nammaalwar
Location – Srirangam, Tamil Nadu


Bus facility is available from Trichy. Well connected by road and rail from all major cities of Tamil Nadu. 10 km The airport is far away.


First among the 108 Vaishnava Divya Desams. Called ‘Temple’ by Vaishnavas and ‘Phuloka Vaikundam’, this place is the most important of the eight Swayambu Kshetras which are considered to have originated by themselves. The Kshetra was blessed by the eleven Azhwars.

A huge temple with seven prakaras. After Rama’s consecration at Ayodhya, Ramabran gave the idol of Lord Brahma, which had been worshiped by his ancestors from Lord Brahma, to Vibhishana.

On his way to Sri Lanka, Vibhishana placed the idol at a place between two rivers, Kaveri and Kollidam, and rested for a while.

When he tried to pick it up again, he was too tired to pick up the idol. Bhagavan told him that he wanted to stay there and to visit him once a year.

It is said that this area became a big temple over time and got the name ‘Thiruvarangam’.


Bhujanga Sayanam with the Tirunama of Moolavar Sriranganathan achieves seva with Thirumukha Mandal to the south. Utsavar Thirunam Namperumal.

The mother is worshiped as Sriranga Nayaki. Lord Pratyaksha for Chandra, Vibhishana, Dharma Varma and Ravitharman.

Thondaradippodiyalwar Nandavanam is a place where labor was done. Tirumangai Azhwar Tirumadil built and performed Kshetra.

It is the place where Sri Ramanuja stayed here for many years and performed his sacrifices for Namperumal.

Northern Triveethi is the avatara place of Pillai, Pillailokasaryar and Periya Nambi.

The place where Kambar staged his Ramayana, there is a separate shrine here for Narasimha Murthy, the ‘Mettu Ashaya Singer’, who worshiped during the performance of Kambaramayana. A formal ‘Arayar Seva’ is going on here where the Divya Prabandham composed by Sriman Nathamuni is sung with ragatalams. There is a shrine of Lord Dhanwandri in this place.

The 236 feet tall Rajagopuram, the tallest tower in the world, was completed due to the efforts of the 44th Jeera of Sriahophila Mutt. This Rajagopuram has 13 stages and 13 kalasas.

Periyalwar 35 pasuras, Andal 10 pasuras, Kulasekaraalwar 31 pasuras, Tirumazhisai Alwar 14 pasuras, Tondaradip Podiyalwar 55 pasuras, Tiruppanalwar 10 pasuras, Thirumangayayalwar 73 pasuras, Poikayayalwar one pasuram, Bhuthathalwar 4 pasurams, Beyaalvar 2 pasuras, our total 72 pasurams. has been done.

The temple walk is open from 6 AM to 12.30 PM and from 4 PM to 9 PM.

Nava Tirtha

  • Chandra Pushkarani
  • Vilva Thirtham
  • Sambu Thirtham
  • Pakhula Thirtham
  • Balasa Thirtham
  • Asuva Thirtham
  • Amra Theertha
  • Kathamba solution
  • Punnaga Thirtham

Temple structure

The temple has an area of ​​approximately 156 acres i.e. 6,31,000 square meters, making it one of the largest temples in the country.

Its outer perimeter wall measures 950 x 816 meters. There are seven round walls built inside one another.

Aranganathaswamy Temple is located in the central area. It is south facing.

Aranganathar’s sanctum sanctorum vimana is made of gold in an elliptical shape.

Gopuram gates are found in a single row in the circular walls leading outwards from the temple in all four directions.

The main gate with Rajagopuram is located on the south side. The four inner circles around the temple are dedicated to temple-related uses.

The three outer circles contain the entire city, consisting of houses, businesses, and streets.

Temple a day-Aranganathar

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This post is also available in: Tamil

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