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Kuberan temples that makes you millionaires


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Kuberan temples

Kuberan temples

Kuberan has a separate temple of Lakshmi in Vandalur, Chennai.

The temple opens daily at 5.30 am and then the walk takes place at 12 noon. Again from 4 pm to 8 pm devotees can visit the Lord.

Kubera, with a smiling face, is shown here with mother Lakshmi and also his consort Siddharini.

Next to the Kuberan shrine there are separate prakarams like Lakshmi Ganapathi, Kubera Lingam, Selva Muthukumaran, Yoga Anjaneyar and Nava Grahakanam.

A Gosala is also maintained here.

Since Kubera resides in cows, if you give fruits to cows. It is like a puja to Kubera.

If Lakshmi, the lord of wealth, and Kuberan, the guardian of wealth, are visited together on Diwali, wealth will flourish in their lives. Similarly before going to Tirupati it is very special to visit Ratnamangalam Kuberan Temple and worship Lakshmi Kuberan.


Kubera Talam

Let’s learn about Kubera Talam, which bestows wealth.

It is also a sub-temple of Meenakshi Amman Temple. Venerable Senan wanted to be the lord of all wealth.

His penance paid off. But the ego grew. Eason plucked out one eye of the man who had done so many wrongs. He did penance again. Eason also forgives him and from now on your name is Kuberan. He said, You are the Lord of all wealth. This is the place created by Kubera. We will also go to the place where Kuberan appeared and visit Tiruvapudaiyar and get wealth.


Kuberan felt sorry for Perumal

Realizing his mistake, Kubera fell at the feet of Paramashiva and Umai and begged for forgiveness. Goddess Parvati, ‘As I curse you, the deformity of your mane will not disappear. Not a single eye. The man who came to Tirukkolaur felt great about Perumal.

Thirumal, who was heartbroken, forgave Kubera and also gave him new funds. Even today those who live in poverty, those who have lost their wealth, and those who increase their wealth worship Vaitamanithi Perumal and get all related life. Here the solution is Kubera solution.

It is one of the hundred and eight divine lands. This place is near Nellai.

You can visit the Kubera Lingam while climbing Arunachal Hill. Here it is interpreted as the seventh lingam.

Lingam worships this lingam. Therefore, those who are financially poor worship this Linga and get wealth.

Generally, the image of Kubera is in the temples in the form of a sculpture, a statue or a stone statue. But here, Kuberan presents a sculptural display for a total of 12 rasis like stone pillars, devakottam, gopura facade.


Worshiping Lord Kuberan, who gives grace to 12 zodiac signs, can get wealth and prosperity.

Apart from the 12 Kuberas, there is also a sculpture of Maha Kubera inside the temple tower in the north direction. Trichy is 22 Kms from Dariyur. This place is located far away.

A Vaishya named Chandragupta lost all his wealth. Distraught and not knowing the direction of the land, Isanarul reached Keevalur and fell at the feet of Lord Nandy.

Eeson saw the temple crawler with compassionate eyes.

He identified Kubera to Vaisya who would live eternally in this place.


Kubera received the title

By worshiping the auspicious Kubera in a single shrine, Vaisya gained great wealth. This place is located on the Nagapattinam – Tiruvarur route.

Ravana fought with Kubera and took away Kubera’s financial urns. Thus Kubera lost his position as Kubera.

Kuberan worshiped Devapureeswarar by consecrating Sentamarai with flowers.

By the grace of Isa, he got back the Kubera Kalas from Ravana and also regained the title of Kubera.

It is certain that those who have gone from being very rich to poverty will worship the hero of this place, Devpureeswarar, and the goddess Madurabashini, and live in wealth and prosperity.

This temple is located near Keevalur on Tiruvarur-Nagapattinam road.

It is that Lord Shiva resides underground in this temple. That is why Tirunnasambandar went around this place as a member. This is one of the places where Kubera was worshiped and blessed.

About 3 kms from Chakkottai on the Kumbakonam – Tiruvarur route. This place is located far away.

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