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Menstrual remedies ; Women’s Welfare


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Menstrual remedies

Menstrual remedies ; Women's Welfare

Awareness posters about women’s food will be pasted in all government Siddha hospitals. Promotes regular menstruation, prevents infertility and also strengthens healthy reproductive organs. Let’s follow it. They are:

Menstrual remedies


1. For 1-5 days after the onset of menstruation, sesame balls should be eaten.

Recipe: Black Sesame seeds – 1 tumbler, Ragi flour – 1 tumbler, Country sugar or blackcurrant – 1 tumbler. roast and then keep the Sesame powder separately. Add a pinch of salt to the ragi flour and then mix it with a little water and knead it like you would knead flour for chapatis. Grind the baked into bread and then after cooling grind it into powder in a mixer. Ragi comes as spare as pudding. First, add sesame powder and then run it in a mixer, then add ragi powder and grind it. Finally add jaggery little by little and then grind it. It should be held in balls with hands. Consume it for 1-5 days after the onset of menstruation. Will not get spoil. It will be more delicious.



2. Eat urad dal kali for 6-16 days after menstruation.


Recipe: Samba rice – 1 tumbler, Black gram – 1 tumbler, Blackcurrant – ½ tumbler, Ghee -30ml, Suku, Elalappodi – little. Fry both lightly.

You can mix semolina powder in a mixer and keep both together.

Take one tumbler of ground flour mixed with rice and gram flour.

Pour 2 1/2 cups of water in a heavy pot, dissolve the blackcurrant and strain it. When it comes to a boil, add the flour and stir like semolina and kesari.

Egg beaters come out without lumps if you stir them with a spoon. After cooking the batter , add 20-30 ml of ghee to the top of a hollow spoon.

After the kali gathers like alva to the extent that it does not stick to the vessel, add sukku and elalapodi and drop it.

Non-vegetarians should break a country chicken egg before pouring ghee. Only after that you can leave ghee. Like a pudding, it comes like a cake. In the evening, even if you eat enough to offer a ton of prasad in the temple, you will see the results in the next month.


3. For 17-28 days, Eat fenugreek kali.


Recipe: Samba rice – 1 tumbler, Fenugreek – 1/2 tumbler, Natchucharkarai – ½ tumbler, Ghee – 30ml, Suku, Elalappodi – little. Dill should be made in the same recipe as the above urad dal. That’s it. Scientifically, Urun is high in phytoestrogens. They will give estrogen for the first 14 days. After that they will give you progesterone pills.

Similarly, in Siddha medicine philosophy, for the first 14 days we should eat sesame and gram flour and for the next 14 days we should eat fenugreek which contains progesterone and estrogen. Taking hormone pills can cause side effects. Instead, by eating this women’s health food list, the female body will become comfortable without any hassles. If consumed daily for 3 months, all women will have a healthy uterus, regular menstruation and also reproductive organs with regular movement. Back pain never comes.

After getting healthy, you can eat the above 3 foods 2-3 times a week on respective days.

Jasmine flower and hypothalamus gland If women keep jasmine flower every day, menstruation will come regularly.

The scent of jasmine is the only flower that tunes this superhero, the hypothalamus gland.

That is why it is that lactating mothers should not put jasmine flowers. The smell of jasmine will curb the baby’s appetite. Adults will say no.

Also, lactating mothers should not use jasmine as it may cause the mother’s hormones to act quickly and cause the next child to become pregnant.


Remedy that worked for a hostel student:-

A student in the hostel, who was not eating properly, was prescribed a potion of jasmine for three months.

She was told to put at least a little amount of flower. Just by following the Menstrual remedies, menstruation became regular.

Hostel students keep Kundumalli every month.

Scientific facts related to this are available as research papers on the internet.

Lifestyle and then food habits are enough. Our body becomes a doctor and then cures diseases.


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