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Silk sarees using natural color


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Silk sarees using natural color

This is The Trending Blouse Style To Wear With Silk Sarees
Silk sarees

Although there are many modern wears like jeans, t-shirt, gowns, palazzos etc , women of all generations prefer sarees especially silk sarees on festivals and special days.
Although there are many designs, women mostly prefer to wear lightweight, colorful and trendy sarees.

We have always been aware of the needs of our customers.
Because when they reveal to us what they need, we don’t take it for granted, and our research team works to analyze it.
Based on that, we have made many changes in the designs of our sarees through our weavers.
We have been engaged in the silk industry for the past 30 years and have introduced many different types of sarees.

Types of sarees

Among them, silk sarees such as Hamsadhamayanti, Aiswaryaboos, Chinnanchirugliye, Durbar Krishna, Voice Painting, Reversible saree, 50 thousand color saree, Varnajalam etc. have been well received among the people.
In line with this, we have introduced two types of silk for this festival, Natural Silk and Lino Light Silk.

Since the last two years were the period of Covid, we did not introduce any new type of sarees.
We used that two year period to study these two sarees. Synthetic dyes were introduce in 1856.

Till that time we used only natural dyes. Making dyes naturally is not that easy.
We have to follow individual methods to bring each color. It is a long process and costly. After the arrival of synthetic dyes in the market, they started using them as a substitute for natural dyes as they were cheaper and easier to prepare.

Natural color

But over time these started to have a big impact on our environment. Understanding that, we also tried to use natural dyes little by little. So we embarked on a study for that. We researched what colors can be brought through which natural products. And also found out what other colors can be created by adding two more colors.

We have developed 45 colors based on that. We are also working on developing colors. Our natural silk sarees develop after many such studies. Each thread of these sarees is with natural dyes and hand woven by the weavers. It is surprising and amazing to think that we can create colors from unimaginable natural materials,” he said about the colors used.

We have introduced many colors like blue, red, saffron, lacquer, green and pink in our sarees. We have created various colors naturally like indigo color from auri leaf, young red from pomegranate shell, deep red from lacquer, yellow color from marigold, green color from mulberry leaf, brown from oak tree, baby pink from Padimuk tree. And we have introduced many designs in our natural saree with these colors. Our next collection is Lino Silk Sarees.

We have introduced it for today’s generation. Because they like to wear silk clothes. But they avoid it due to its heavy weight. That’s why we have introduced this lino silk in Meenakari designs with light weight and fine thread,” said Sivakumar. Let’s color this Diwali with natural colors.


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This post is also available in: Tamil