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Refreshing mint


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Mint Leaves / Puthina 50g - Energy Plus Online

Mint / Puthina is an aromatic plant belonging to the basil family.

The mint we use in the case is Spear mint (Mentha spicata) in English.

There are many varieties of mint like pepper mint, apple mint, wild mint.

These vary depending on the aroma that comes out when the leaves are crushed.

However, their qualities often remain the same. There is little change in intensity.

Their taste is pungent and also astringent. Mint / Puthina is cooling in nature.

Expels flatulence and stimulates appetite. William Turner, who is known as the father of English Botany, claims mint as God’s remedy for stomach problems.

It is one of the oldest herbs in the world. For those who eat biryani and also pani puri, just hearing its name makes their tongues water.

Agathiyar in his book of properties;
‘Arusi Yoduvanti Yakini Mandang
Malakkotta-Viriyun for blood
On the third day, it was a day in the ancient world

From the new root

That is, to include mint in the food, he says that tastelessness, vomiting, loss of appetite, lethargy, indigestion, impurities in the blood, these will be removed and the swan will become well.

100 g of mint contains 44 calories, carbohydrates-8 g, protein-3.3 g, fiber-7 g, sodium-30 mg, potassium-458 mg, iron-244 mg, manganese-1,118 mg, Magnesium-15 mg, Vitamin C-27 mg, Folic acid-0.3 mg, Nicotinic acid-0.124 mg, Riboflavin-0.175 mg, Pantothenic acid-0.62 mg, Pyridoxine-0.158 mg .ki are full.

An aromatic oil, it acts as an antifungal and antibacterial agent.

It is an important ingredient in toothpaste products. This is the reason for the freshness, freshness, coolness and also aroma that comes with the toothpastes in the mouth.

Mint / Puthina Benefits:-

1) Mint Tea:-

In tea, lemon juice, honey and also mint leaves are brewed and drunk to give a kind of refreshment to the body. The menthol in it creates a cooling sensation in the mouth. This cures pharyngitis, sore throat, hoarseness and sore throat. Eliminates bad breath. It improves mental alertness and prevents memory loss. Increases immunity. It is an exciting drink for students preparing for exams.

2)Relieve Pain and Swelling:-

If mixed with mint greens, add a little water and apply on swollen and painful joints, it will give good results in a couple of days for swelling and pain.

3) Dandruff Remover:-

Mix equal amounts of mint juice, garlic juice, lemon juice and also yogurt and rub it on your hair and take a bath after half an hour to get rid of dandruff and make your hair grow.

4) For Jaundice, Stomachache, Hiccups:-

Dry mint leaves in the shade and then grind them into two pieces, take a small amount of it and boil it in a glass of water and drink 30-60 ml to cure Jaundice, liver diseases, stomachaches and also hiccups.

5) Regular Menstruation:-

Take mint leaves and carpura leaves and then drink it to get rid of menstrual cramps and pain in the lower abdomen and menstruation will be regular.

6) Cure toothache:-

If you brush your teeth with mint powder, omat powder and salt, toothache and bad breath will disappear and also your teeth will shine like pearls.

7) IBS – For IBS:

Menthol in peppermint is a remedy for the stomach problem ( IBS ). It strengthens the muscles in the stomach and intestines and also prevents IBS.
Gives relief.

8) For Asthma:

Menthol in mint leaves dilates the laminal chest muscles. Thus, asthmatic patients relieve from breathing difficulty. Also , People with respiratory diseases can drink tea made from mint leaves 2 to 3 times daily.

9) For Acne:

The salicylic acid and then vitamin A in mint leaves control sebum secretion in the skin. So mint leaves are a great remedy for acne sufferers.

10) Relieves Headache:

Grinding green mint leaves and then applying them on the forehead relieves migraine headaches.


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