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Annabhishekam is one of the Shivalaya ceremonies. Annabhishekam is to strain and also cool the rice and pour it into the Deity Thirumeni, decorate it with Athiras, Vada, etc. and worship it.

While doing abhishekam to Lord Shiva, in the order of milk, curd, honey, sugarcane juice, swan is also anointed.

In Chidambaram, Annabhishekam is performed daily to Spatika Linga Murthy.

Anoint Shiva Linga Murti with milk, curd, etc. and mix it well, then anoint the swan to cover it completely, decorate it with athiras, appam, murukku, vada, honey jug, etc. Pulyotharai, white pongal, sugar pongal, swans and Payasams etc. are for worship.

All Deeparathans and recitations of Vedic and also Devara Thirumpis will be for the Lord.

The lovers, after seeing the Lord sitting on the swan-pile, screened and removed the decorations. A small portion of the prepared patsanas, curries, and rice grains placed on top of the lord are placed on a wide plate.

Parisarakan puts it on his head and with an umbrella and a candle, he plays drums and drums around the temple and crawls through the streets and dissolves it in the Tirtha Pool.

It is considered auspicious to witness the Annabhisheka ceremony and also eat the offerings offered in it.

It is believed that those who eat Annabishek Padayal food will never experience shortage of food in life.

Annabhishekam is a ceremony said to be exclusive to Lord Shiva.


In large temples, the full meal offered at the peak is known as kulitalika. In this, the swan is beaten into strips in the middle and kept in juice.

What he says about Nivedhana on Full Moon Day held at Malleswarar Temple in Chennai; A wide bamboo plate, a slightly smaller plate in the middle, cut a banana leaf into a circle and make a big strip, put dal on it, leave some ghee on it and put a flower on it. Around this plate, there are 10 to 16 tonnas stitched on a banana leaf, which include sugar pongal, puliotharai, banana curry, khulambu, rasam, joint, seasoned curd, appam, rice murukku etc. A flower is kept for each of these.

Three plates like this. The three parishioners, carrying these plates on their heads and also carrying an umbrella and a candle to keep them on, will leave the Madaba school, crawl through the prakaram and enter through the gate opposite the flag tree.

Madaipalli (Basanalayam)

Madipalli is one of the names for offerings made to deities. In ancient times, the supreme food offered to the deities was denoted by the word `Madai’. Madai means wealth and also Madai means food. In literature, the food offered to the deities is called Madai. The place where matai to the deities was performed was called mataipalli.

Salt and worship

Adding flavor to food is salt. Salt improves the texture and also flavor of food. Form of salting improvement. All six flavors are produced by salt. in+salt=sweet; charring+salt=charring; Alkaline+Salt=Carb; Fermentation+salt=sour. “Unsalted goods are in the trash” is the saying. In vernacular, salt is called salt. There is a custom of worshiping the lingam with salt. Salty lingam is also lavanalingam.

His goddess is known as Lavaneswari. In Rameswaram, the Lavanalingam worshiped in the West Prakara is displayed with Lavaneswari.

Salt is easily soluble. But this salt lingam has remained undissolved for centuries. Lavanagauri Vratham is one of the Gauri Vrathams.

Gauri is by heaping salt and also adorning it with ornaments. Inscriptions refer to the salt given to the temple as `Uppamudu’. Also they cook with salt in temples.

Salt is one of the things that can be donated. This is `Salvadanam”. They used wooden vessels to keep the salt. Salt dissolves easily.

So, it is in wood. When you think of salt, you think of salt obtained from the sea.

Since salt originates from the ocean, it is an incarnation of Lakshmi. Salt doesn’t just come from the ocean.

Salt can be classified as ground salt, mountain rock salt, and also river salt.

Because the process of distilling sea water is simple and also the cost is low, they use seaweed.


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