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Tulsi vilvah


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Tulsi Vivah 2022,Tulsi Wedding Recite mantras for a happy marriage and  financial hardship » NE India News

Tulsi is also called Brindai, Vishnupri, Visva Poojita, Pushpakara, Nandini, Krishna Jeevani, Visva Bhavani by many names.
She is called Tulsidevi who is very dear to Bhagavan. A forest where there are many tulsi plants is called Vrindavan (Vrindavan).
The glory of Tulsi

There are stories about the glory of Tulsi and also the marriage of Tulsi and Perumal in the Padma Purana. There are many legends about the origin of Tulsi.

A legend says that she became the wife of the demon Jalandharan and also got her due due to her devotion to Krishna. Jalandhar is a Jalandhar in Punjab province where that Jalandhar lived.

There is a Tulsi Mandir there. Places associated with Tulsi are Mathura and also Vrindavan in the north. Vrindavan is 15 kilometers from Mathura.


Tulsi in the hymns of Alvars

Alvars have sung together in pasuras the uplifting of Tulsi. Alwars sing Tulsimalai as “Thulavamalai”.

“Thorodadita Thuvalum and Kutayum Polindu” says Tondaradip Podiyalvar, who insists on offering Tulsimala to the Lord daily.

Sriman Narayanan, who kept Mahalakshmi on his chest, kept Tulsi in his hair. “The servant who loves the one who puts the tulapa in the hair” is their hymn.

Some practices when picking basil

Ganges is the holiest of rivers. Likewise, the Tulsi of trees is sacred. If one leaves Ganga water mixed with tulsi in his mouth at the last moment, all his sins are destroyed and he attains the state of no rebirth.

There are certain procedures when plucking basil. Do not pinch with nails. Tulsi should not be plucked on Fridays, Amavasai, Duvadasi, Poornami, Eclipse etc. The tulsi needed for the puja should be plucked and kept the day before.

Used flowers are called nirmalyam. It cannot be reused.

But in the case of Tulsi, Nirmalyam is also used. Tulsi can be used for pooja whether it is fresh or dried.


Evil forces will not come

1. In whose house Thulasi is grown, there will be no evil spirits in that house.

2. Lighting a lamp with a stick of thulasi gives the best results.

3. By taking the soil from the feet of Tulsi and also applying it on the body, you will get the benefit of performing a thousand Krishna Pujas.

4. Dhepala Pushpams are for Puja. Every Pushpa Puja has a benefit. But when Tulsi is used, the merit of using all the flowers is added.

5. Shastras say that when a person dies, when he is cremated, whatever sandalwood sticks are placed, if he is cremated with a thulasi stick, all his sins will be destroyed.



6. No matter how many samithus are used during homams, when one tulsi stick is used, the homam is wonderful.
Gives benefits.

7. While preparing nivedana for the Lord, if even a tulasik stick is burnt in that fire, the nivedana prepared in that fire will become incomparable.

8. The fragrance of Thulasi purifies one.

9. If you put only one basil leaf in water and then take a bath, you get the benefits of taking a bath in the Ganges. The result of donating ten cows is also available.

10. In the Ramayana it is said that before Hanuman crossed the ocean, he worshiped Tulsidevi.

11. Touching Thulasi with hand removes all sins.

Such is the glory of thulasi that sages adore it.


Thulasi vivah

On the third day of the festival of Diwali, the marriage is performed on Tithi. This marriage takes place in different ways in each place.

Thirukalyanam is performed by placing a gooseberry plant next to the basil plant as an aspect of Lord Vishnu.

There is a custom of setting up a pandal for a basil plant, building a dome, decorating it with flowers, and keeping Kannan’s image or salakrama next to it.

If there is a thulasi matam in a small tank, keep it and also light a lamp there, dress it in yellow, put flowers, put kumkum turmeric, make offerings like sugar pongal etc., decorate it with bells etc. One can build mangalyam, offer incense, visit the Tulsimadam and also prostrate and give distribution to others. The day after Vaparirai Ekadasi in the month of Aipasi is called `Uthana Duvadasi’. They also say `Madana Duvadasi’. It is best to marry Thulasi on that day.

1. By doing thulasi vivah , it will remove marital obstacles .

2. Virtues develop.

3. Those who are childless will get children.

4. All wealth will multiply in that house.

5. Also mahalakshmi will stay in that house forever.


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