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What is the best yoga style for you?

In every human-made field, experts establish certain metrics to achieve the best in that field.

Those measurements are verified and experienced thousands of times and then reach the general public.

From film criticism to literary criticism, we can see that there are universal scales here. The things presented are unique and of quality.

Thus today there are more than twenty traditions of yoga, seven lakh yoga teachers and also more than two lakh schools of yoga throughout the world.


How do we choose the best in such a vast field?


Because we can’t opt ​​for yoga like a consumer product that we can buy and use and change later if it’s not right. It is related to various aspects of life like our body, mind and intellect. Thus, experts in the field propose five important principles.


Aasiriya or Gurumarapu


That is, the question, ‘Does the yoga class you’re studying belong to a long-established lineage of teachers/guru?’ Why is this important, as such practices have been studied, utilized and refined over thousands of years. It will provide exercises for the body, mind and vital needs of our grandfather that day. After that, our Father’s world will be restored and provided.

Today, we can design and build something specific to our needs.

A yoga teacher or organization without such a long track record or a recently established and temporary famous yoga teacher or institution is less likely to see the problems that lie deep within us.

Such a poor training program can sometimes give side effects.

Avoid choosing a teacher or yoga school that does not have at least one hundred, one hundred and fifty years of chronological tradition.


Scientific approach


A holistic body of knowledge or curriculum needs to be contemporary as much as it is traditional.

This approach is important in aspects of life like yoga, body, mind and movement. So, does the yoga teacher or organization you choose put forward scientific studies based on the exercises they recommend? Are the pros and cons of those exercises explained in detail? How will this exercise help you with your physical/mental ailments?

What kind of improvement can the body make, and what are the side effects of doing it wrong? All such should be scientifically recorded. Have you published any research papers at Indian or international level? What is its reaction? Have such intellectual debates occurred? It should be noted that A quick search on the internet shows that four of the world’s leading companies are doing this very well.


Self selection

In choosing a yoga practice or teacher, one needs to focus on why one is doing it.

Rather than trying to do something superficial, which does not help us in any way, out of mere curiosity or for yogic occult reasons or for entertainment, we may not do it.

So, choose yoga as a self-choice, depending on your needs, knowing its importance and thinking seriously about how it will benefit you at this juncture of life.

Thus, even if not all these aspects are the same, you can choose the right one from thousands of yoga educations by exploring at least three or four basics.


Hasta Uthanasana

In this section we can find the practice of ‘Hasta Uthanasana’. Those who spend long hours sitting in the office, at the computer, keep tension in the ribs, neck and back.

Due to their incorrect sitting position, the lungs, the respiratory organ, are unable to function fully and are running a limited amount of prana gas.

It causes various physiological problems like tiredness , eye irritation, for which yoga tradition puts forward this practice as a perfect solution.

While standing with the arms crossed and inhaling, fill the lungs as much as possible and bring the arms upwards.

And in the final position, slowly lean back, then while exhaling, bring the arms forward.


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