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Amman pacharisi keerai that is good for breastfeeding


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Amman pacharisi keerai that is good for breastfeeding

Amman pacharisi keerai

In today’s environment , many women who have given birth face the problem of not having enough milk for the baby. For this. For those of us who wander in search of medicine and also food somewhere, a dumpling under our feet is enough. This is the herb Chitrap Paladai to make the mother’s milk flow like a waterfall. what is that ? Do you mean chitrap paladai? it is nothing but amman pacharisi keerai. It also has another name as ‘Shitrap Paladai’.

Amman pacharisi keerai

The whole plant of this herb, which has an astringent and also sweet taste. This cooling vegetable will ooze milk wherever it is pinched. This small plant can normally grow everywhere. A leafy green leafy vegetable. It is a white and red herb that belongs to the genus of garlic. There are two varieties of Siru Amman Bacharisi and Peru Amman Bacharisi. Bacharisi is called spinach and Amman Bacharisi because its seeds resemble rice grains in appearance and taste.

Its leaves, flowers, root and seeds all have medicinal properties. It belongs to a type of spinach. This is the only vegetable given to women who have given birth. The reason is that it increases the secretion of breast milk. Also, it does not harbor any infectious germs.

Mix its leaves with water and boil it on a medium flame and drink it, deadly infections will also go away. Its flowers can be ground or directly mixed with cow’s milk to produce milk. Drinking this twice in the morning and evening along with banana gives the body good strength and energy.


Let’s see what are the other medicinal properties of Amman Baccarici:

If there are moles anywhere on the body, the milk will continue to coat it and the moles will fall off. It also helps with all skin problems that appear on the face. Apply on dark spots and lumps. Grind the leaves of this Amman bitter gourd and mix it with buttermilk to get rid of menstrual disturbances and whiteness.

Amman bitter gourd is a good remedy for nail toe. Also, it is useful for foot eruptions, eruptions on the lips and discoloration
Get better relief. Opportunities disappear.

If there is swelling or pain anywhere in the body, you can get relief by cooking this vegetable.

In this compound, washing and eating by frying, sores in the body, constipation, nerve inflammation, nausea and dryness of the body will be removed.



Dry the Amman cardamom leaves in the shade and then keep them powdered. In the morning, take half a tumbler of warm water and then mix it with half a teaspoon and drink it to cure whiteness.

Whitening with bad smell This Ammanpacharici herb has anti-tuberculosis properties. Excellent remedy for intestinal disturbances, asthma. Urinary astringency, irritant.

Amman bitter gourd wash relieves constipation. A handful of Amman bachari leaves, gram flour, garlic, small onion, a little pepper and a tomato for sourness , fry all of them with ghee and then ground to make a delicious Amman bachari wash.

It is delicious to make it with lentils, chives, garlic and also tomatoes.

Along with this, add dutuvalla leaves and then eat it for body strength.

This Amman Bacharisi who breastfeeds the newborn baby is a guarantee of health for everyone.

Let us now use and protect the treasures under our feet.


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