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Cycling that protects our heart


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Cycling that protects our heart

How cycling changes your body: internal and external effects – SIROKO  CYCLING COMMUNITY

Until the time before us , people had a healthy diet and a lot of physical work. But now it is decreasing day by day and there is no healthy food and no physical work.

This is the reason for the increase of various diseases. Due to this, doctors are now telling us to eat healthy food, exercise and walk.

In that way, let’s take a look at some cycling exercises that can help keep our bodies healthy:

Cycling benefits from head to toe. While riding a bicycle, it works not only the legs but also all the parts of the body.

Thus, cycling for half an hour a day burns 300 calories of fat.

In the first 10 minutes of cycling, it flushes out the bad water in the body. Glucose is burned as the next 20 minutes continue.

Within 30 minutes, the bad fats in the body start to decrease. So, cycle training is a boon for those who are tired of not losing weight no matter what they do.

Arthritis that has already set in regardless of age can be reduce through regular cycling.

All the joints in the body become stiffer and stronger. Strengthens arm, thigh, spine, pelvis and leg muscles.

Also, cycling improves heart rate. Prevents from problems such as heart failure and heart block due to old age.


Cures diabetes

Type-1 and type-2 diabetes patients keep their sugar levels under control. Cycling for half an hour every day will increase brain activity and make you more active.

Cycling strengthens the leg muscles, hamstrings, bony areas, spine, pelvis etc.
There will be no problems related to blood pressure.

People who have problems like stress and depression will get rid of them and get mental refreshment.

Due to increased sweating, the bad fats in the body will decrease. Obesity is an important factor for breast cancer, cervical cancer etc. Preventing obesity also reduces the chances of developing cancer.

How long you can practice cycling: It is necessary to practice cycling daily for at least half an hour.

Be it from home, or cycling training outdoors. When cycle training outdoors ,Do not try to drive too fast on the first day, but gradually increase the speed. In the same way, you can practice up to 5 km first.Then gradually increase the distance.

When children go to school, if the school is within 2 kilometers, avoid vehicles as much as possible and go by bicycle.

This helps prevent children from getting stuck in the trap of obesity at an early age. Similarly, adults also go to the office one day a week. Let’s get healthy by going on a bicycle. This reduces the cost of petrol and reduces air pollution.

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