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Disc Bulge remedy


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Disc Bulge

Disc Bulge
Disc Bulge is a spinal condition caused by a herniated disc. It is a step-by-step process. This can lead to serious problems related to the spine. Disc Bulge may be asymptomatic in the early stages. Symptoms may appear gradually over time.

This condition is often by aging or an interstitial tear. However, in some cases due to additional stress or injury, Disc Bulge occurs even at a young age.

The intervertebral disc is a soft tissue located between the bones in each vertebral row. It prevents the bones from rubbing against each other and also supports the movement of the spine. These spacers can withstand shock from any sudden movement. Usually over time, this jelly-like area between the vertebrae loses flexibility, shrinks, and then pushes out as it tears. This causes swelling in the disc . A bulging disc compresses or pinches the nerves around it. It causes pain. The pain usually occurs in the lower back.

Symptoms of Disc Bulge

The nature of the symptoms of Disc Bulge depends on the severity of the site where it occurs.

1. Back pain: Back pain develops gradually with interstitial swelling. In the initial stage, pain occurs only when running. However later with increased intensity, the pain starts without any provocation. Then the pain spreads to other parts like arms, rib.

2. Weakness in the feet: Severe cases of interstitial swelling may endanger physical movement. One may also experience weakness and numbness in the legs. Movement of the knees and also feet may have severe damage , causing difficulty in walking.

3. Bladder and Bowel Cramps: When the lumbar nerve group is compressed, it also leads to reduced bowel movements. It can also control bladder function. This is a sign of a medical emergency, something that requires immediate attention.

Risk factors, preventive measures

Generally, interstitial inflammation is a natural phenomenon due to age or injury. Causes, risk factors for interstitial cysts include difficulty in physical activity or constant lifting of heavy objects, obesity, sedentary lifestyle, frequent driving. Interstitial inflammation cannot be prevented with aging.

However, some simple measures such as maintaining a moderate body weight, healthy physical activity, strengthening back muscles, and taking frequent breaks from sitting for long periods of time can prevent the severity of interstitial inflammation. Exercise can also help build flexibility and maintain proper sitting posture to reduce stress on the spine.


If a disc ruptures, the doctor may recommend bed rest to prevent further damage. Doctors may recommend physical therapy and exercise to strengthen the muscles around the spine. Surgery may happen in severe cases where recovery is not possible with medication.

If spine health is neglected, it can lead to permanent problems with body movement, flexibility. Regular exercise, frequent physical activity, and reducing stress on muscles can lead to spinal health and prevent inflammation. If symptoms or pain persist, consult a doctor immediately.

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