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Krodha Bhairava who reveals the secret of the subconscious


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Krodha Bhairava

Krodha Bhairava

Sri krotha Bhairava, the fifth of the eight Bhairavas born from Maha Bhairava, reached the Vaishnavi Devi in ​​the south-west direction and then took her weapons, the conch, the wheel, etc., and the vehicle Garuda, and protecting the world with her.

Since they originated from Kurodana Bhairava, the western direction, Mula Bhairava, they are called by names like Kurodana Ajitanga Bhairava, Kuroda Ruru Bhairava, Kuroda Sandabhairava, Kuroda Bishna Bhairava, Unmatta Bhairava, Bhairava, Kuroda Kapalabhairava, Kurodana Bishnabhairava and also Samhara Bhairava.

According to this, they have the names Kamapalar, Krothar, Pingalatsar, Aprarubar, Tarapalar, Kudilar, Mandrinayagar and also Rudrar

Traditionally, they are honored by the name of the direction, the name of their Moolabhairava Kurothan, the usual name of Ashtabhairava, and a special name.

They carry Varunabhasa, the weapon of Vektipalaka Varuna, along with their own sulam and drinking vessel.
Also, they carry the weapons of Moolabhairava in their upper right hand and ride on Varuna’s makara (Predasan) vehicle.
The special names given to them are Kamapalar, Kurodhar, Pingalachar, Aprarubar, Tarapalar, Kudilar, Mantra Nayak, Rudrar.

Krodha Bhairava who reveals the secret of the subconscious

Krodha Bhairava is the guardian of the desires of these names. Remover of suffering. Golden eye. Strangely shaped. The protector of the earth. Downward looking. They know what is in the depths of the mind and act. Controlling and benefactor of mantras. He destroys the unnecessary and creates anew.

The names of Ashta Yoginis who are equivalent to them are Rudravedali, Bhishkari, Tripurantaki, Bhairavi, Duvamsani, Kuroti, Durmukhi and Bretavakini. Like the names of the Upabhairavas, the names of these Bhairavi Yoginis who work with them are also meaningful.

Through these names, one can know the messages of the one who gives the highest path (ruler of the Vedas), the one who removes fear, the one who destroys the three Purams, the one who instills fear in the enemies, the one who shows the deadly face to the enemies, the one who puts the mind of the opponent to sleep in the transcendental state and puts his thoughts into it and makes him act according to his will.

These eight Bhairavas are represented by Atatikku Bhairava in the upper right hand, with the Kurotha Ajithangan Kendi Atsa Mala in the North, the Kurotha Ruru Ruruvan Malu in the South, the Kurotha Sandan Shaktayayut in the South East, the Kurotha Sakrayuta in the West, the Kurotha Unmathan Airkala in the North West, and then the Vajrayuta on the upper arm of the Kurotha Kapalan in the Southwest. Kurotha Chanda carries a short sword and also Kurotha Samharan carries a heavy long sword).

Thus the world of Varuna is Maharalayam.

They have as their vehicles the Makaras which sprang from Makarat, the vehicle of Varuna.
Capricorn is a sign of wealth. Makaram in vernacular means crocodile today.
According to Puranas Makaram is a collection of seven animals like elephant, lion, crocodile, and also swan etc. It lives in the deep sea.
Being the guardian of the unlimited funds in Varuna Loka.

Here Bhavaniva and also Upa Ashtabairas in the makara vahanam and Kurotha bhairavas in the garuda vahanam are the bestowers of unlimited wealth to the loved ones.
These eight Bhairavas also represent their original Bhairava, Kurodabhairava, who bestows unlimited heroic power and also unlimited wealth on those who worship him.

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