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In the month of Aipasi , Take a bath in the Cauvery river for at least one day


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In the month of Aipasi , Take a bath in the Cauvery for at least one day

In the month of Aipasi


There are many people who took bath in Cauvery in the month of Aipasi and got benefits and virtues. The Kaveri Mahatmiya Purana says that there are sixty-six crore Tirthas on this earth.
It is believed that the world’s sixty-six crore Tirthas converge at the Cauvery In the month of Aipasi.
Brahma and Sagala Devas, Saraswati, Kelari, Lakshmi, Indrani etc. and Deva Rishis like to bathe in Cauvery in the month of Tula.

And the stories of the greats, the glory of Tulsi, the glory of Ganga, the excellence of offering to Perumal with Tulsi, the glory of Salakrama, the glory of Kaveri, and those who listen. Students are also educated.
As a result of Tula bath in Kaveri and worshiping Sri Ranganatha, Chandanu got his son Bhishma. According to legend, Arjuna took Tula bath and then visited Sri Ranganatha Perumal and married Subatra. If you take Tula bath and perform Pithur Darpanam, you will get Punnyam and Pitru Asi.


Susheela saved her husband’s life

The following story about the Tula bath glory is very touching. There was a character named Suseelai. Her husband was Brahma Sharma. He was living with bad morals. So his life was getting shorter. Susheela used to do four things daily without fail.

1. Bathing in Cauvery (especially during Tula month).

2. Worshiping Lord Neeradi.

3. Crawling to the royal tree on the bank and worshiping it.

4. Giving alms to some poor people on the banks of the Cauvery.

Due to this, her merits were reaped. One day the Emkingars came to take her husband’s life. But they could not get past Susheela. They went to Eman and said.


Interesting news about Tula Sananam

1. On the first day of Aipasi, one should take a dip at Tirupparaithurai near Trichy, the second dip at Srirangam Amma Mandapam Padithurai and on the last day at Mayiladuthurai Nandi Ghat.

2. Why Cauvery does not have the glory that Ganga does, “Ganges is sacred because it is born from my Thiruvadi.
Kavirio becomes my garland and is nearer to my heart, holier than the Ganga” – explained Lord Vishnu.

3. After bathing in Cauvery in the month of Aipasi and washing away their sins, perform Tirumangalakudi Thiruth to wash away those sins.
In Thalam too, she moves away from the Uttaravakini (flowing from south to north) in Mayuram (Mayiladuthurai).

4. In the month of Tula other rivers and then Punya Theerthas merge into Kaveri. On that day they perform tirtha vari to the Utsava Murthys of Tula Katta temples.
Therefore those who bathe then are freed from pancha maha badakas. They also get the benefits of Ashwamedha Yagya.



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