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The biggest event that takes place in the temples is the kumbabhishekam as Kudamuzhuku. It has four categories namely Anavartha, Avartana, Punaravartana and then Antharitam.

Building a new temple in a place where there are no temples is anavarthanam. Renovating an old temple that has become dusty with the passage of time in forest areas and also renovating it is avarthaman. In practice it is in a temple where loveable ones worship and also prays are punaravarthanam.

Antharitam is to get rid of the crime by events such as death of people, killing of lives, pigs, monkeys, dogs, donkeys etc. entering and then damaging the temple.

Among these four, the primary component of the Kudamuzhukku ceremony is the application of medicine as bandana medicine.


This Bandana drug is by breaking down and mixing eight ingredients, so it has the name ‘Ashtabandana’ drug.

Although its name is Ashtabandana, people colloquially call it medicine.

Bandana means joining. It is Ashtabandhanam because it is a combination of eight substances.

That is Ashtabandana because it firmly connects the pedestal and the idol. It is customary to write Ashtabandhana Mahakumbabhishekam in the invitation card of Kudamuzkuviviza, respecting this Ashtabandhana.

Pour the Ashtabandana medicine on the night before Kudamuzhukku day.

As wearing Ashtabandham is one of the important mantras, crush and dilute the Ashtabandham potion in a clean place.

After fixing an auspicious time, sweep and purify the area in the temple courtyard magically and functionally by sprinkling mantra water.

In this, according to the requirement, place the wooden urals with plungers  and then perform Puja with appropriate mantras with Shivacharya taking the ural, plunger and the tray carrying the medicine.

Then grind the medicine balls and add ghee and grind them well. Medicines are given to women to give importance to women.

Women take part enthusiastically as the practice of breaking this medicine brings good marriage and child birth. This method is adopted as the work can be easily done by alternately hammering with two plungers in a single stroke.

Generally it is best to wear Ashtabandham. However, the Anbars make flag flower works on thin silver and gold plates and affix them on the Ashta Bandhan according to their means.

Casting silver is called Ashtabandhana Rajitabandham and casting gold is called Ashtabandhana Suvarnabandham.

Ingredients included


Now let’s think about the ingredients included in Ashtabandham and the methods of mixing them to prepare medicine.
1. Kombaraku, 2. Sukangal, 3. Kungiliyam, 4. Nakchi, 5. Sempanju, 6. Jatilingam, 7. Beeswax, 8. Buffalo butter.

It will be red. Being strapped is superior. This material is the basic glue that holds other materials together. So when you buy it you should buy quality and high quality.

The eighth ingredient is ghee. It has less fat than cow’s milk. Also the water content is low. Remove the water and use.




If placed in a new clay pot, the pot will absorb the moisture and moisture from the butter within two days. For this, turn a large pot upside down and then tap the butter on its surface. This will pull the water from the butter quickly.

First, among the above mentioned lacquer, nakkavi, sukgangal, kungiliyam, jatilingam should be dusted and cleaned.

Grease the ural cavity and the plunger and crush each item one after the other. These clump together and then become clay-like.

Make it a ball and keep it together.

In this, the purity of the material, the amount of compound and the duration of beating are important.



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This post is also available in: Tamil

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