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Annapoorani to end the food famine


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Annapoorani to end the food famine

Food famine

The sun cast its rays on the slanting red rays of the Sotutura fields and then the field shone like a golden plate. Standing in front of the Thirumadam of the auspicious couple, Chotutura himself soaked himself in Shivanamacharal and then bowed his neck. Oppila Chotuthurayan and also Adimudi Kana Shivanesan were locked up in their mental prison by that divine devotee couple. Everywhere they looked, Nathan’s God stood in a unique position.

At the foot of the siradias, they lived in bliss. They understood that the work of almsgiving to the servants for five or two days was the fruit of their efforts. They rested on each other as if nothing was left in their outstretched arms. Apart from Kailainathan, Kinchithum had no other thoughts. Eason then began to play the duo’s majesty for all the world to know.

Time flew by fast. The cooking vessels became empty. The paddy field itself wandered for paddy. The auspicious couple decided that the sannadi of Eason is Kathi in the Meyvarunti Chorunnatu field. The Shivandiars also stood around to console them and the grief swelled to a still more maddened flood.

They prayed day and night. Aadhava ran and then hid himself to rub the scorching sun. Kailainathan widened his beautiful eyes. He poured Aran’s grace bucket by bucket.

Since then, Atchaya vessel has been raging like an ocean. Stomach made a lot of those who came close to it. Eason went one step further and dared to plunge the village into a sea of ​​rice. A sudden burst of red light. The servants and devotees chanted Namachivaya… Namashivaya… seeing the paddy fields turned into white pearls and also the blossoming rice into the old jasmine.


A beautiful village where the breeze touches the shoulders of the water swirling in the Ezhilsoor Kudamuruti of Thiruchottruthurai. The east facing temple with four streets and two praharas is still visible. Just inside the gate of the temple near the sanctum sanctorum sits the gracious couple.

Soru has a general meaning of eating rice. At the same time, rice is a sign of whiteness. The fountain of bliss has two meanings. This Lord increases the pleasure by bringing bliss and also life-saving rice according to the servant’s heart. Anandam is exuberantly saying, “Can you get rid of your sorrows in Soutthura Soutthura Enpirak?”

Ambal (Annapoorani) is seated in a private sanctum outside the temple. Mother is standing in the middle of a rising coconut grove. She is also known as Annapoorani because she is a loving mother. Nediya Thirumeni Kondava fills her heart with coolness. 4 km from Thirukandiyur on the Thanjavur – Tiruvaiyaru route. Trichotuturai is located in the distance.

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