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Food to be given to a sick child


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Food to be given to a sick child

Food to be given to a sick child

In general, it is imperative to pay attention to the diet of children. Even more care should be taken when the health is not well.

So, ask your doctor about feeding your baby according to each ailment.

He alone knows the nature of the disease and how to feed accordingly is good for the child’s health. So let’s know about some foods that doctors commonly recommend


If you catch a cold…

Give regular food as usual to a child with a cold. At this time, the child will have less appetite.

Asati does not run around much and stays inside the house, so there is no hunger. Even if the child is swallowing phlegm, the appetite will decrease.

So, do not force the child to eat. If you force it, you will vomit.

Give whatever the child wants to drink. During this time, there will be more thirst and dryness.


Food for fever.


A child with a fever of 102 degrees or higher may have difficulty eating solid foods.

Therefore, you can reduce such foods and give them water, milk, buttermilk, fruit juice once every half an hour, once an hour.

Baby needs water. Likes to drink. Let it drink as much water as it likes. In case of high fever, nausea and vomiting, give water little by little at any time to the child.

If you vomit, wipe your mouth a minute after vomiting and give a glass of water with a pinch of salt and half a spoonful of sugar.

When the fever starts to subside and the vomiting and nausea stop and the child feels less hungry, you can give it a couple of times with idli or boiled rice along with sambar, curd, spinach, lentils, vegetables, etc.

Give bread or rusk alone or with milk.

Above all, don’t forget to give plenty of water. Avoid soda, coffee, tea etc.

If you vomit.

If the child vomits, his stomach does not need food. It means rest is the only immediate need. Do not start feeding more and more food. Vomiting will continue.

After vomiting the stomach needs rest for at least 3-4 hours. Then the baby can sleep peacefully without any stomach pain or nausea. The baby’s stomach also slows down after rest.

First give water little by little. Even if the child tries to drink the water eagerly, do not give a lot of water but give it slowly with a spoon.

After drinking some water, stop for a while.

If there is no vomiting or nausea after 5-6 minutes, start giving more.

Give the child rest after giving water. You can give 40-50 ml of milk if there is no vomiting for 3 hours.

You can give milk alone or with an equal portion of rice gruel. If there is no vomiting for 12 hours then Idli can be given.

You can add sambar, spinach, dal, any vegetable. After that you can start giving rasam rice, curd rice etc.

For the first day or two, it should be given on a half-full stomach.


If not hungry.

A child suffering from fever for several days will be emaciated and have no appetite. Parents can’t bear to see that the child is emaciated due to fever and start giving food all at once.

They don’t wonder if a child’s gut, weakened by fever, can accept so much.

A child may become fearful of food and avoid it.

So let the child eat as much as possible for a couple of days after the fever stops.

Then, the baby starts to feel hungry automatically. At that time, the baby may start eating more than you expected. Leave it to eat at will.

The baby may also be eating more until its lean body reaches its self-sufficiency.

Then, it will start eating its normal amount of food. If after a week or two after the fever subsides, the child does not have a natural appetite, take the child to your doctor to find out the reason.


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