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Ayyappan as shown by the Agamas


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Ayyappan as shown by the Agamas


Shasta in the seventh century

Appar Swami, who lived in the 7th century and then gave wonderful Tamil songs called Devaram, refers to Sastha as the son of ‘Satan’ in the song he sang.

Shasta Pratishta Vidhi

The ‘Shivagam’ states that the Shasta consecrated in the mountains should be consecrated as sixteen-pronged, the Shasta consecrated in the forest as ten-pronged, the Shasta consecrated in cities as eight-pronged, and then the Shasta consecrated in villages as two-pronged.

Amsumath is a handsome man who recites the Vedas

The White Lady, three-eyed, serene in appearance, clad in white robes, seated on the Padma Peedah; According to the Agama book Amsumat Petagam, he has four kinds of tirukarams, Abhaya-varada tirukarams, a knife in one hand, and also a shield in one hand.

The primordial cause


Blue robe, left hand on raised left leg, right leg hanging down, with crook-armed Thirukarams, elephant vehicle- elephant flag, blue horse, white bull. The Purva Karana Agama describes the sage seated in the Vira Asana and also Yoga Asana with four arms.


Kachiyapar praises Ayyappan or Shasta

In the Kandapurana written by Kachiyapar in the 12th century, there is only one film called ‘Maha Sattab Pathalam’. It is a section containing detailed information about Shasta.


Shasta’s vehicle?

Shasta’s vehicle is an elephant! The Kanda Purana says that Indrani’s Abayat Tudhi is the praise of Indrani as she said: Olam for God, Olam for Pushkala, and Olam for Varanatu. Lord of Varanatu – One who sits on an elephant. Shasta’s vehicle is an elephant; Ayyappan’s vehicle is the tiger. As Rama came as Kannan, Shasta came as Ayyappa.

Kai Vidan Chari

The famous temple of Shasta still stands on the south half street of Sikazhi (now Sirkazhi) where Shasta guarded Indrani with his warrior Mahakalan. It is called ‘Kai Vidan Slum’ because it is the place where Shasta saved Indrani without abandoning her. Now known as ‘Kai Vlancheri’.


Anjana Ayyappan

Atri Munivar lived in a part of the Gnana Aranya and also set up an ashram. Anasui helped her husband in all his chores. The place where the ashram was located is today a small town ‘Ashram’.
Then this town is on the highway from Nagercoil to Kanyakumari. Here the homa gundam, where Sage Athiri pray to Shasta, is now as Thirukkulam.

It is an empirical fact that a 48-day dip in this pool cures all incurable diseases. The name of the Shasta here is ‘Kandan Shasta by Anjanam’.
A servant who had lost both his eyes used to worship Shasta here daily.
One day, when he was in a deep sleep, he felt as if someone was smearing ink on his eyes.

The devotee was stunned; was amazed Both his eyes looked fine.
That is, he got vision. Forgetting himself, he folded his hands and then cried, “I saw what Anjanam wrote, Shasta!” He bequeathed his entire property to Swami.
His descendants still visit this temple and then worship.

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