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Obesity and diabetes!


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Obesity and diabetes


Recently, diabetes has become a common disease like headache and fever. Especially, according to recent studies, children are also diagnosed with diabetes. This is attributed to obesity and dietary changes.


What is the link between obesity and diabetes?


Diabetes and obesity are like twins. Sugar can cause obesity.

If obesity comes, sugar will come. Generally, when body weight increases, not only diabetes but also it affects other organs.

For example, heart, kidney, brain stroke, obesity, hypertension etc. all come as free links.

The main cause of all these is obesity.

On the other hand, obesity is also caused by medications taken for diabetes including insulin.

People with diabetes are more likely to become obese if they do not exercise.

It is with this in mind that they have now introduced new types of medicine tablets and injections.

These pills and injections keep sugar under control and prevent obesity.

These include daily intake. There is also a once a week intake.

Body weight decreases up to 19-22 kg when taking this type of medicine pills. Through this there is a possibility of sugar being reversed.

On the other hand, diabetes that can be caused by obesity means that in today’s environment, eating junk food, not exercising, and working for 8 hours without proper sleep can also lead to diabetes.

We can completely prevent this kind of sugar. Today’s modern technologies and medicines are for that.


How to protect yourself from diabetes caused by obesity?


As far as diabetes is concerned, people who are overweight can reverse their diabetes if they lose their weight.

It is based on this that recently, they say that they can come out of sugar forever by saying Reversal of Diabetes. But, that is not true.

If the exercises are stopped and weight is regained, the diabetes will increase again. Therefore, reverse treatment is a temporary treatment.

Because once sugar comes, we cannot cure it completely rather we can control with proper treatment.

Therefore, regular treatment, exercise and weight control are the ways to protect yourself.

Are obese children more likely to develop diabetes?


Children become obese because they don’t go out and play. Online classes, home classes, children get some kind of pressure.

Also, junk food is within easy reach at the doorstep. More importantly, childhood obesity is due to the lack of care and attention of today’s young parents.

Apart from that, high blood pressure and heart disease are also increasing at this young age.

To protect children from this, we must teach our children what our ancestors taught us. In that way, they must learn what is nutritious food, good sleep, physical activity etc.

Also, children should engage in outdoor sports activities. Avoid online classes, watching videos on cell phones, and playing video games.

Similarly, children must sleep for 6-8 hours. Only by sleeping will their body be normal.

Make them understand all this, teach them a regular way of life and accustom them accordingly.


Diabetes Reversal Therapy

Reversal for sugar is an illusion as far as I’m concerned. Truth is , reversal of diabetes is not possible. Remission is possible.

Some people misunderstand reversal. Reversal means no more sugar forever. It is not like that. It is temporary.

This means that there is no problem as long as a person has enough insulin produced by his body through the food he eats and physical activity.



That is, when body weight increases, insulin secretion decreases. Therefore, the basic philosophy of the Reversal Program is to first reduce excess body weight by up to 15 kg.

Later, they will give you a diet chart. Maintain the diet three meals a day.


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