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Spinach gives the boon of motherhood!


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Spinach ( FOXTAIL AMARANTH ) gives the boon of motherhood

Spinach gives the boon of motherhood

Our ancestors knew that each vegetable is a wonderful detoxifying and also nourishing ingredient for our body. That’s why they maintained the body by growing greens from fences to vacant lots. Our siddhas kept singing the glory of greens.



Today’s generation does not know the beauty of spinach. It is good for us to know the benefits of green which is essential for our body and also life.

One of such greens is spinach, which is variously thandukeerai, thandankeerai and then Keirathandu.

FOXTAIL AMARANTH is a type of spinach that is available everywhere. There are two types of spinach stem and also beetroot stem. Its stem and then leaves are edible
As it is cooling in nature, it is better to avoid it when you have a cold or cough. Spinach can be boiled and eaten as fried or steamed with lentils. If you eat this vegetable regularly, you can stay young.



It is rich in calcium and iron which body needs. They eat Aliquiria, a popular dessert made from its seeds, in Mexico. It is enjoyed as a delightful dessert in Spain. The famous John Milton in his book ‘Paradise Lost’ says, ‘Amaranthus was brought from heaven to the Garden of Eden to please man’.

One hundred grams of spinach contains 45 calories of energy, carbohydrates – 11 grams, protein – 7 grams, (proteins are especially rich in tryptophan, cysteine, tyrosine, lysine, arginine, glutathione), calcium – 750 mg, iron – 17 mg, phosphorus – 165 mg contains vitamins A, thiamin, riboflavin, nicotinic acid, folic acid, copper.

Eating spinach leaves cures body heat, hemorrhoids and anus irritation. Protects the body from disease.
Fenugreek root cures heat diseases, especially in women with profuse bleeding (profuse bleeding). Agathiyar says the qualities of these vegetables in his book of properties like this;

Spinach is a healthy vegetable
Kankhana thodividung kanthamellang- watchful
Asking for the source of the fire

And in another song
“He punished Sengir for his unquenchable bile
Drove to the tailor-Pongum
Great Kariyaan that removes the greatness
It’s hot and cold” (A.K.).

He says.




For women who have heavy bleeding during menstruation period, if given in equal amount of 30 ml of banana flower juice in the morning and evening, along with the juice of the root of the betel nut, it will stop the bleeding and also relieve the body fatigue.

Beetroot contains an amino acid called tyrosine that keeps the thyroid gland functioning properly. It works along with the iodine in the food we eat to boost thyroxine production.

Therefore, people with hypothyroidism should include this vegetable in their diet frequently.

Since sugarcane contains glutathione, an antioxidant acid, regular consumption of it will give the skin a good glow and charm and give it a good complexion.

Consuming this green leafy vegetable regularly will remove wrinkles, dryness and make the skin glow.

If people with hemorrhoids eat green onions, cumin and pepper in fried form, chronic constipation will disappear and hemorrhoids will be cured.


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