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Yoga that removed the stress of chess contestants!


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Chess Olympiad


Thambi is the most important symbol of Chennai. Wherever we go on the road we cannot pass without seeing his photo. There is no other brother.

The horse is the symbol of the 15-day Chess Olympiad in Chennai. Chess competitors from many countries including India came to Chennai Mahabalipuram to participate in the tournament.

Our Tamilnadu government had provided all the facilities for them. The most important of which is… their health.

Since chess is a game that can be played using the brain, the Tamil Nadu government along with the central government was implementing yoga and natural medicine training for all the contestants for these 15 days.

Yoga practice


Yoga experts from Government College of Yoga and Naturopathy, Arumbakkam, Chennai trained the contestants.

They were led by Dr. Indira Devi, head of the Yoga Philosophy Department of the college. He shared his experiences of yoga training given to the contestants.


Experience of a girl


I am a girl from Chennai. My dream is to study medicine. During my studies, I had to write an entrance exam to get into medical studies. Just like how NEET is an entrance exam now, one can get admission in medical course by writing the exam.

Despite securing 93% in +2, I could not score the required marks in the entrance exam for admission to the medical department.


Govt College of Yoga and Naturopathy


At that time my uncle told me that there was a government college of yoga and naturopathy, which was similar to the medical field. The government quota for admission in that college is 10 seats. I was one of them.

I studied yoga, naturopathy and yoga science for five and a half years. After that I studied MBA Hospital Management. After completing my studies, I got a job as a professor in my college.

Currently, I am working as the head of the yoga philosophy department,” he explained about teaching yoga to chess contestants.

The central government approach Tamil Nadu government through AYUSH that there should be training like yoga and meditation as the game of chess not only tires the brain but also the body.

Although there are many private institutes for yoga training, since our college is government-owned, the Tamil Nadu government approached us and asked us to train the competitors.

Based on that 21 groups were formed and trained by yoga and naturopaths. More than 2000 contestants from 187 countries participated in this competition.

They were accommodated in a 21-star hotel on ECR and OMR roads.

Our team of 21 doctors were assigned two doctors per hotel.


Doctors Deepika, Priyadarshini, Surya, Ezhiloviyam worked under my leadership.


I advise them on what to train the contestants on a daily basis.

Also I will inquire about the benefits of this training to all the contestants.

When it comes to playing chess, you have to give full attention to the game.

Due to this, they get depression, stress, physically tired, and their eyes get tired because they are looking at the chess pieces.

They thought that only sleep would help. But while practicing yoga they felt that their body got rid of fatigue and felt rejuvenated.

Every day from 8 am to 12 noon we divided them into three groups and trained them for an hour.

In this we have been providing yoga training, meditation, relaxation technique, yoga sleep, clapping and laughing training and finally eye training.

Prataka is an exercise for the eyes. We will cover this last in this one-hour tutorial.

They have to see the same without blinking in a dark room with a candle lit.

Then the water will come out of the eyes. At that time, if you close your eyes for a minute, you can feel the freshness of your eyes.

Asanas, we taught Tadasana, Katicakkarasana, Udkatasana, Padmasana, Vajrasana, Garudasana and Vrikshasana.

These asanas help you to function intelligently without distractions. We taught Pranayama in breathing exercises.

By this, there is no obstruction of breathing and they will get a good night’s sleep.

Along with this, we also taught meditation, yoga nitra and mudras. Next is clapping practice.

Since we have acupressure points on our hands, tapping on them can rejuvenate the body.

Lopping therapy also relieves stress. We have been giving this training continuously for 15 days.


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