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Monsoon food


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Monsoon food


After Aipasi, monsoons and winters are very pleasant throughout Tamil Nadu.

As the effect of the sun decreases, not only the mind but also the body will be in a kind of sluggish state.

We should also pay some attention to our food to enjoy this delightful atmosphere.

The reason is that the first thing we suffer from the change in temperature is indigestion.

Digestive power decreases during rainy season and digestive problems occur.

To avoid it, one should cook and eat easily digestible and immune-boosting foods at home. Also, by adding foods such as garlic, pepper, turmeric, and ginger, which are high in antioxidants, it will help to increase the immune system in the body. Many people do not know what is the best food during the rainy season.

It can be confusing to know what to eat and what not to eat. Tolerable to some, allergic to others. Let’s know about some monsoon food methods to solve this.


Monsoon Foods


*It is better not to add too much sweet in the food we eat during monsoon.

* We must make it a habit to add pepper powder to our food. It is better not to include green lentils, kale and spinach in dinner.

* Even if some people have cold and cough, lemon and orange juice rich in Vitamin ‘C’ will help. Some may not agree with this. Those who do not do anything after eating can definitely take it. Others should avoid.

*All vegetables can be included in the diet during rainy season. Some people do not like vegetables that are high in water content. Such people can cook and eat vegetables suitable for them.

*Don’t eat fried foods too much. When you feel like eating something hot, instead of eating bajji, bonta, you can eat salted balls, idli sambar, bread toast instead.




It is enough to eat the same food that we eat every day slightly warm. Avoid fried food and eat more steamed food.

*Eat any food that is hot . Sip warm water.

* Distill neem extract at home, add palm kernel, boil and drink it, no disease will occur. It is an excellent remedy for many diseases.

* Apart from sweet, sour and salty among the six tastes, salty, bitter and astringent foods can be added more in the rainy season.

*Vegetables and greens can be liberally added during rainy season. Greens should be cleaned thoroughly while cooking. But avoid adding watery vegetables like cucumber, pumpkin, gourd, gourd, etc.

*You can eat greens or vegetables that grow high above the soil, excluding foods that are obtained from underground or fruits that are very close to the ground.

*Eat it occasionally with Doothuvala rasam and pepper rasam with lunch. It helps digestion and keeps colds away.

*Apart from buttermilk, avoid other dairy products like curd, butter etc. .

* One should make it a habit to eat fruits even in rainy season. Choose and eat fruits suitable for all seasons.

Instead of eating only bananas, you can also eat citrus fruits like lemons and oranges.

* Before going to sleep at night, it is better to add some turmeric powder, pepper powder and palm kernel to the milk and drink it warm.

*Make sure it’s fresh if it’s vegetarian. Your family’s health lies in your kitchen. If you have a proper diet during rainy or winter season, you can avoid many diseases and lead a happy life.


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This post is also available in: Tamil

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