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The problem of hiding urine leakage can end in danger!


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The problem of urine leakage can end in danger

urine leakage

Some children over the age of five still wet the bed at night. So every morning when mothers wake up, it is a nuisance. This is normal. Then as the children grow up it gets better or can be fixed.

Similarly, some women experience frequent urination and can’t hold back a drop or two. It doesn’t matter if it’s a day or a night. Women will go to mental exhaustion as it is like this every day.

Here we will see why this happens and how it can be easily corrected through traditional medicine.


Normal mode
We have muscles to breathe, to blink our eyes, to keep our heart beating.

There are also muscles for urination and defecation. Apart from this, there are muscles that support the uterus and bladder. That is, these muscles (Pelvic Floor Muscles) are spread out like the floor in our pelvic area. On top of it lie the uterus (changes accordingly in males), colon and urinary bladder.

The mouth of the above organs (anus, cervix, mouth of the urinary bladder) penetrates these muscles and goes down.

When the bladder is full, a signal is sent to our brain, telling us to go to the bathroom.

Leakage of urine


A feeling of needing to urinate before the bladder is completely full, the urge to urinate, and urine leaking before we go to the toilet without realizing it. This is Urinary Incontinence.




Relaxation of the muscles mentioned above.

Bladder infection.

Any diseases of the nervous system (for example, some types of stroke).

This also happens to people with diabetes.

Maternity period.

Menopause (period of complete cessation of menstruation).

Incessant coughing and sneezing can also occur in people with chronic diseases.

Aging can naturally cause these muscles to relax.

May occur in obese people.

A difficult delivery.

Shorter pregnancy intervals.

This can happen during repeated pregnancies with chronic constipation.

Obstruction of the urethra.
Urinary discharge may also occur due to contraction of the area.

Leakage of urine when coughing and sneezing.
Uncontrollable dribbling of urine before going to the toilet from bed.
Urinating more often than usual (usually once every four hours).
Leaking urine even during normal activities like laughing, exercising, lifting heavy objects, and having sex.

If there is fever, yellow urine, irritation, pain while urinating, it means that there is some urinary tract infection. So, if you have these symptoms, you can see the nearest general practitioner and take medicines and tablets for infection. Urinary leakage due to infection can be cured.
If there are no other symptoms like this, you should consult the nearest general practitioner. He will do a thorough examination and prescribe exercises.



*Now let’s look at common exercises for everyone. Don’t we naturally know how to hold back urine, so sitting or lying down we should try to stagger the flow of urine and stool. Then relax. Then proceed again.

Do this 15 to 30 times daily. This is a simple exercise. But don’t do during urination and defecation.

It can be done after urination. Likewise, do not hold your breath while doing this exercise. This can also be dangerous. There are more exercises for this. But not specified as they vary from person to person. Consult the nearest system doctor and get full benefit.


30 to 60 percent of women suffer from this condition at least once in their lifetime.

People who have this problem for a long time may experience urinary infections, rashes on the thighs, stress, injuries caused by falling down due to rushing in the dark at night.

Certain types of foods and medications can cause a feeling of urgency and frequent urination. For example, eating too much sweet, spicy food, taking too much vitamin C, chocolate, alcohol etc. Don’t be afraid of this. It will be fine the next day.

Does it happen when you cough? Is it leaking as soon as it feels like it needs to go in a hurry? Do you feel like you need to urinate more often? How many times do we urinate during the day and how often at night? How much do we urinate each time? It is better to check for ourselves and make a list of how we sleep at night and whether we are sleepy due to the need to urinate.

Therefore, let’s not exaggerate the severity of the problem by considering it as a problem that should not be mentioned outside, discuss with the people at home and choose the right medical methods; Let’s follow. Everything will be fine.


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This post is also available in: Tamil

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