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Anxiety disorder


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Anxiety disorder

Anxiety disorder


According to statistics 5% to 7% of people in India have depression.

Most people don’t even know they have anxiety.

Dr. Sunilkumar, a medical psychologist, started talking to us that women are twice as likely to suffer from anxiety disorder.

When I spoke to him further about depression in’s thinking is a collection of experiences.

Thoughts are storehouses of information. Everyone stores information differently.

Everyone’s experience is different. When problems arise in that set, thinking does the work of inferring the surrounding environment.

If there is a threat in their environment, the body needs some energy to deal with that threat.

At that time the brain secretes more acids in our body. This is also called stress hormone.

We can look at the Anxiety disorder caused by depression, especially in women, from three angles. The first is related to the ‘body’.

The second is related to ‘mind’. The third is ‘community’ dependent.


Physical anxiety


The main reason for this tension is that she is a woman. This means that women are more likely to go through emotional stress due to the changes that take place in a woman every month from ovulation to her final menstrual period. It also includes postpartum depression.

Hormonal aspects during these periods cause changes in women’s body and also mental mood changes. As a result women are more likely to suffer from depression.


Mental anxiety


Insecure feeling is more for women. And also since it is the period of identity crisis when young women know that they have gone through a period of physical change, excess tension can infect them like a story of dropping oil on a burning fire.


Social anxiety disorder

Our society is patriarchal. Gender discrimination is rampant in our country. Relatively less public space for women. Due to this the participation of women is drastically reduced.

It causes social anxiety in women.

A combination of these three reasons is the main basis for women’s mental stress.


This makes their daily life more difficult.


The doctor said that women should first realize the difference between fear and anxiety, and everyone should have a sense of fear. It’s good to be scared.

For example, when we feel the fear of snake bite while walking in the forest, we think about safety next. It is this feeling that keeps us safe.

But the cause of our fear must be clear and concrete.

But anxiety is completely different from fear. It is mentally formed. Exaggerating that we are something that is not abstract.

For example, anxiety is the thought of an unexpected snake coming into the house. Here the tension factor manifests itself as thinking towards the future rather than being concrete.

Will this happen to me tomorrow..?! What if I get sick tomorrow..?! Am I economically backward..?! Such thoughts are the basis of tension.

These will create many changes in the body.

There are three main aspects to body transformation. The first is palpitations. Taking hand and foot kicks.

Dizziness or hot flushes. Dry tongue. Sensation of excretion of body wastes like urine and faeces.

Such changes are called arousals. Second, their thoughts always become negative (anticipation).


Feeling sorry for yourself by thinking negatively about what happens naturally.


Or getting extremely angry. The third phenomenon is avoidance. That is, avoidance occurs due to the upsurge in the body through tension and negative thinking in the mind.

Especially avoiding meeting outsiders and outside environment completely. Although it may be relaxing for the time being, it will further complicate them.

People who are depressed tend to circle between these three states. All these three conditions have a solution in medicine.

There are some psychological exercises to control the arousals that the body does against us. This is called relaxation exercise. This is called mindfulness in medicine. Doing this will reduce anxiety.

When we go into tension or crisis, it is called fight or flight response in English. It means confronting it or trying to run away from it.

The body needs energy to do both. Then the brain will make some changes in our body.

This creates more complexity within us and also changes in our closure.

Our thoughts and emotions are always closely related. Positive thoughts create positive emotions.


Negative thoughts lead to negative emotions.


Just as we cultivate tension within ourselves, so can we cultivate peace within ourselves.

To control our emotions, we must learn to control our thoughts.

There are some psychological strategies for this. Through this one can reorganize one’s thoughts.

In short, think differently. If you learn to reframe your thinking and also think differently, the emotion generated by the thoughts will be blocked. This is cognitive behavioral theory.

The third treatment is avoidance. It means coming face to face with what is being avoided.

This is exposure based therapy. Directly confronting a stressful situation in a step-by-step manner.

It improves efficiency. Our body has immunity to prevent certain diseases.

If someone doesn’t smile when they see us, the brain immediately starts thinking that they are arrogant.

If you think that he left in a hurry and therefore did not notice, it is a neutral thought.

I did something wrong. So if he starts thinking that he is not talking to me, the tension automatically sticks.

Here the assumption of context varies from person to person.

And to re-guess if there is a mistake in this..

Therapy to make thoughts self-aware. It is a mental exercise.

Discovering the connection between your thinking and also feeling. Finding context infers.

This is cognitive behavioral theory. People who are under stress do not feel like eating or sleeping.


The mind does not think of resting, the mind does not want to see and also talk to anyone.


Only when we reach the level where our day-to-day life is more degraded and thereby causing harm, should we go to the next level as a pill. Until then psychotherapy is best.

Our immunity does not work. The trick to fixing our mind is within our mind.

Psychologists are there to learn those strategies.

If you take pills for depression, only pills will work.

Psychotherapy involves self-examination.

This includes training to observe how his behavior changes. This takes a gap of 3 to 6 months. Reserve 10 to 12 sessions of exercises for this. Each training session takes 45 minutes.

Importantly, one’s mental problems are not solely the fault of the individual. Consider social factors.

Here the Anxiety disorder of women is also dependent on their environment. Their environment will make it visible.

If you reform the society and bring some changes, mental changes, behavioral changes, and also thinking changes will come automatically.

A recent gender gap study says that it will take 136 years for India to become gender-neutral. As long as the climate against women prevails in our country, no social changes will happen.

We should think about this as an individual problem, not entirely dependent on women’s bodies, but on society.

There is certainly potential to reduce anxiety disorders in women by modifying certain social factors.

Mainly the place of women should be equal in society. This is possible only through the government ensuring the safety of women.

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This post is also available in: Tamil

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