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Many of us women only superficially know that ‘menopause’ means ‘menstruation stops’, but what changes happen in their body at that age… why menstruation stops… so what to be careful about. In the same way, some people are afraid of the time when diseases will come. These fears are unnecessary.

It is a season like childhood, teenage, and having a baby. In these cases you have to be careful.

What is Menopause?


After the age of forty-five, a woman’s ovarian function declines, periods become irregular, and finally, at about the age of fifty, periods stop altogether.


Can women conceive after menopause?

Women cannot conceive after menopause. This is because the production of eggs required for fertilization will decrease.

Women’s Menopause Days At what age can menopause occur?


Menopause usually occurs after the age of fifty. Some people may experience menopause even before the age of thirty-five. It is called Premature Menopause.


What Causes Premature Menopause?


Premature menopause can occur if there is a tumor in the ovary, if the ovary is removed, if the treatment is taken like chemotherapy, radio therapy, or if it is due to a viral infection.




Profuse sweating (hot flush) can occur in middle-aged women even when in AC. Let’s call it a hot flush! All this sweat is a sign that they are getting closer… Even women past forty would have sweated like this in our grandmother’s time… What’s embarrassing about this? In grandmother’s time, women would sit in the paddock after finishing their housework.

For them, it might not be a big deal! But many of today’s women past forty are holding high positions in the office. Not so good if they sweat. But such discomforts also take a toll on them mentally. So women suffering from excessive sweating can also take the treatment.


Night sweats


Sudden sweating at night. They will be seen very excited. Due to this, peaceful sleep will be lost and they will get some kind of fatigue.


Frequent mood swings


Often anger, irritation, crying, frustration, all emotions alternate.


Vaginal dryness


As the estrogen hormone decreases, the secretions that keep the vaginal tract smooth begin to decrease. So the vagina becomes dry and can cause discomfort and pain during sexual intercourse. Moreover, it is this fluid that lubricates the vaginal tract, preventing infection in the soft tissues of the area. When this secretion also decreases due to estrogen deficiency, infection occurs there.


What are the long-term effects of menopause?


Many women can experience bone loss.. This is ‘post menopausal osteoporosis’. Do you know one? After menopause, women’s bones tend to wear down, putting them at risk of breaking and fracturing even the slightest bump or bumpy ride in an auto.

So if they take treatment for bone loss, such problems can be avoided. Before the bones wear out, if you take calcium pills as advised by the doctor, you can avoid these problems. Estrogen, the special hormone of women, acts like a protective shield to prevent heart problems. As estrogen secretion stops after menopause, heart and blood vessel problems are likely to occur. Nervous problems may also occur. So pay attention.

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This post is also available in: Tamil