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Donated 55 liters of breast milk in 10 months


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Donated 55 liters of breast milk in 10 months!

Donated 55 liters
Sindhu Monika

Sindhu Monika hails from Sindhu Coimbatore who has entered the book of records. An engineering graduate, she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl in April last year. Due to his incredible feat, he is currently in the record books.

“As I work in the IT sector, I cannot breastfeed the baby as often as I want. So I pump it up and bottle it. That’s how I used to breastfeed my baby regularly.

I was very careful that the health of the child was important. But when my baby drank it. I got too much milk. I can’t instill too much in my child that they are wasted because I don’t know what to do with them and throw them down.

Every time it pours down, the mind gets angry. That’s when the memory appeared before my eyes. When I had my baby, I was unable to breastfeed my baby for the first six days. Those days not only me, my baby also suffered a bit without breast milk.

I know what that pain is. Many mothers like me are experiencing that pain during every delivery. So I wanted to help as much as I could. I thought of giving breast milk to such a distressed child.

Donate breast milk

I thought that the breast milk that goes to waste… should be available to another child. I came to know about breast milk donation 99 days after my baby was born.

I heard about a system called ‘Amritham’ for breast milk donation at 10 months. I approached them.

I started donating my breast milk from 100 days.

Now in 10 months I have donated about 55 liters of breast milk to Coimbatore Government Hospital.

When we think that it has reached 1,500 children, we feel satisfied and happy that we have achieved something,” says Sindhu.

In recognition of this achievement, both the Asia and India Book of Records have awarded certificates and medals.

The founder of the Amritham organization was Rupa

Rupa, the founder of the Amritham organization, told me all the details. He also gave details on how to store breast milk.

According to his guidance, at the end of every month, volunteers from the organization would come and buy the breast milk I had stored.

My husband, mother-in-law and my parents all supported me in this endeavor.

They fully supported my action because they understood the greatness of breast milk.

I will emphasize the importance of this not only to myself but also to my relatives.

Breast milk


Generally, anyone can donate blood anytime. But not all breast milk can be donated.

Only mothers who have given birth and are nursing can do the donation.

Mothers who do so need to be a little more open-minded.

Many people are under the false superstition that donating breast milk will deprive their baby of enough milk.

To get rid of that confusion, every lactating mother should go to the government hospital near her home.

If you go to the emergency ward where the baby is kept, the mother will be in the intensive care unit while the operation is done and the baby will be treated elsewhere.

Even if there are many relatives around the child, no one can even touch and see the child. The child in the glass ark can only be seen from a distance.

Breast milk is the healthiest for these premature babies.

It will be very helpful in increasing their nutrition. Breast milk is usually secreted well when mothers are in a happy mood.

Then to know about children’s blood pressure


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This post is also available in: Tamil