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Madras eye cases are increasing


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Madras eye is increasing

Madras eye


Popularly known as “Madras eye” is now increasing rapidly in many places. It is increasing exponentially, especially among children and adolescents.

Every year the incidence of Madras eye disease starts to increase as the monsoon season ends.

This year, due to prolonged rainy season not only in Chennai but also in Tamil Nadu, the number of Madras eye disease has also increased,” says Dr. Kala Devi, Regional Head of the Medical Services Division and Senior Ophthalmologist.

He explained about its impact and its protection method.


Madras eye


Madras Eye is a common progressive eye disease that can spread rapidly from one person to another.

It is often by a bacterial or viral infection. Causes inflammation of the conjunctiva through secretions from the eye.

It can spread from person to person.

This means that when a person rubs his eyes and touches other people’s things with the same hands, there is a chance of spreading this eye disease to others when he uses them.

At the same time, this eye infection caused by an allergy cannot be transmitted to another person.


Common symptoms seen in Madras Eye are:


Symptoms include eye irritation, watery eyes, red eyes, sticky discharge from the eyes, and itchy eyes when exposed to light.

If there is a black film in the eye, there is an infection, and the vision is blurred. Some people experience eye swelling.

They may take a long time to recover.

Madras eye disease can be cured immediately if diagnosed and treated at an early stage.

Otherwise it can turn into a serious problem. Some people self-medicate.

In case of eye irritation, use antibiotics and eye drops from nearby drugstores.

This is very wrong. Not only eye diseases, but any physical problem, proper examination should be done and proper treatment should be sought from the doctor after confirming the disease. This also applies to eye disease.

About 90% of conjunctivitis are by adenoviruses.

The affected eye becomes red, itchy and irritated.

The eyes start to water like tears.


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The virus in these tears can spread easily and quickly from one person to another.

It spreads easily from one person to another through personal items such as handkerchiefs, towels, pillowcases and cosmetics.

Therefore, isolation of the infected person is important.

Patients with this eye infection should only use paper napkins to wipe fluid discharge from their eyes.

Dispose of used nappies immediately and safely. In case of infection, remove old contact lenses and wear new contact lenses after consultation with their doctor.

Avoid Regularly used or reusable handkerchiefs.

Wash your hands frequently and keep them clean. Others use their personal items to prevent the spread of infection
Not allowed to use. As Madras eye disease can spread rapidly in environments like schools and offices, it is better to stay at home and avoid going out until the discharge of tears from the eyes due to inflammation stops completely,” advises Dr. Kala Devi.


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This post is also available in: Tamil