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Fishes to be grown at home


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Fishes to be grown at home


Keeping fishes in our home brings joy to the body and soul. Keeping an aquarium at home keeps us in a balanced state of mind and helps us increase our performance. Fishes represents vitality and positivity. Therefore, it is that the fish swimming in the tank emits positive sensations. Also, aquariums add beauty and charm to the home and create a sense of calm. Colorful fish swimming in glass tanks is a beautiful sight. This makes the place inspiring. Therefore, fish farming is beneficial in many cultures.

Keeping a fish tank creates a peaceful environment and reduces anxiety and stress. Because our observation of fish is also a form of therapy. Studies show that people who spend time looking at fish tanks improve their overall well-being. Fish are also a symbol of vitality, strength, and success. Two fish swimming side by side is a sign of unity. Placing an aquarium in the home is to improve mood and increase wealth.

Thus, keeping a lucky fish as a pet at home brings happiness and health along with positive emotions. Also, fish sleep with their eyes open. Thus being always awake does not allow evil energy to enter. It is also believed to ward off evil energy and protect the occupants of the house by accepting evil.


How to maintain an aquarium:


The water in the tank should never change. Change only 10-20 percent of the water every week. If a filtration system is installed in the tank, you can wait even a month to change 30-50 percent of the water. Bacteria in the water keep fish alive. So changing the water completely can be dangerous for the fish.

When entering the house, keep the fish tank on the left side. If you place a fish tank in the north-east direction, love will increase. avoid keeping an aquarium in the bedroom or kitchen as it can cause sleep or feeding problems for the occupants of the house.

Instead of keeping the fish tank on its own, it can be integrated into the home design. That means you can design the aquarium as a part of the house, be it a dining table fish tank or a study table tank, a built-in wall or home office divider, a pillar tank, a walk-over tank, a wall tank, a photo frame tank.


Color of fish:


Red fish promote fertility, green fish promote growth, and yellow fish promote efficiency. If you keep a black fish with 4 couples then it will completely absorb the negative energies entering the house if there is a black fish in the lucky fish tank. Perhaps if the black fish dies, it means that it has attracted all the bad forces in the house.


Benefits of keeping an aquarium at home:


Select active fish and release them into the tank. This will ensure smooth flow of energy. Pisces attract wealth by keeping the finances of the house in order.

Keeping fish creates a peaceful atmosphere in your home. Aquarius is the key to success and harmony. Fish represent sustenance and positivity. Therefore, a fish moving in the tank  emits positive vibrations. If wealth is to increase in the house, there must be at least 9 fish in the tank. Do not raise less than 9 fish.


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