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Vegetarian & Non – Vegetarian


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Vegetarian & Non – Vegetarian

Vegetarian & Non - Vegetarian

Our poets have divided love into vegetarianism and also non-vegetarianism. Will they leave the food alone? The habit of classifying the food items that we use in our daily life as vegetarian and non-vegetarian has persisted for many years.




Do you close your eyes and then enjoy the vegetable salad which we love to eat as it is vegetarian? The dipping sauce includes egg for flavor. Oh, the sauce I’m eating is an egg?! Don’t argue that there is no chance. All kinds of sauces are ready to be mixed with eggs.




Do you slurp your tongue at the time of the rain saying that only the soup you buy and then drink at the store is good for your mind and taste? Oh, yes. The sauce mixed with the soup contains seasonings prepared from fish for flavor and aroma.




From dosa to 2K kids’ favorite pizza, cheese has become such a part of life that there is no food prepared with cheese. This cheese contains enzymes extracted from the intestines of animals.




When it gets hot, it becomes rubbery. Pulling with finger. Naan is a stomach-filling dish that migrated from North India and targeted South Indian powders. The ‘I’ who eats naan is a vegetarian. Don’t think too much about what it is going to be. They include more eggs to the naan to keep it sticky till the end.




Do you think that just seeing jelly makes you feel sick? Its colorful appearance and also glittering charm make this jelly a favorite of children. And also we can’t move from that place without the children buying jelly beans. We also jerk to the jelly by saying the children’s names. But gelatin powder, the main ingredient to make jelly, is entirely from animal fat.


White sugar


This is terrible. There is no such thing as a sugar-free sweet that is sugar in the white man’s style. Do you think that sugar is going to be non-vegetable? Refined sugar from sugarcane combines with natural carbon from animal bones. Also this carbon is the charred bones of animals.


Potato chips


Ah, my chipsoo! Do you want to say it in Vadivelu style? Potato chips sold in packets in stores are non-vegetarian food, which is mind-numbingly crunchy. It includes chicken fat with certain flavors added for taste.


Soft drinks


Some types of soft drinks are high in Vitamin-D and then we drink them. It contains limonene derived from sheep.


Cooking oil


Cooking oils advertised as heart-healthy contain omega-3 on the label. Omega-3 is prepared and also incorporated into oil obtained from fish.


Beer and wine


The world’s most expensive beer and wine are made using fish pulp or fish pulp to clarify it. Before opening a food packet, carefully read what is written on the packet and decide whether the food you are going to eat is vegetarian or non-vegetarian.


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