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Manjima Mohan’s Fitness Secret!


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Manjima Mohan’s Fitness Secret!

Manjima Mohan's

Manjima Mohan, who made her debut in the film industry as a child star, is now emerging as an unavoidable heroine.

Acting in Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam films, she made her debut as a heroine in the Tamil film industry with the film Acham Enna Madamaiyada.

After that, she acted in films like Devarattam with Gautham Karthik, ‘Kalathil Chandhom’ with Jeeva, Sathriyan with Vikram Prabhu, and FIR with Vishnu Vishal.

Currently she is acting in films like Simbu with Bathu Thala and October 31 Ladies Night.

Manjima, who recently revealed her romance with Gautham Karthik and has become the talk of the fans. Let’s know Manjima Mohan’s fitness secrets.

“Since I have been in the film industry since childhood, I have been doing daily yoga and exercise regularly since then.

In this case, I had a foot surgery in 2019.

After that, I put on some weight because I had severe back pain and was under treatment for it.

At one stage they started shaming me by singing about my weight.

I had to go for the promotion of the film I acted in. Everyone who saw me there started asking about my weight.

It was a job to answer and explain to everyone. It gave me a lot of stress.

But, why don’t they understand, actresses are human beings too… We too face all kinds of physical and mental problems that normal human beings face.

No one in the audience made a rule that the actress should not be a curmudgeon. In fact, many of the people I meet ask me, “Why did you relax?” But the problem lies within the industry…

Neither the director nor the actors will listen to that. Only religious people will ask. But I think in my heart that all this will not affect me.

I am not saying that I will be like this for that. When acting in a commercial film, I also have no alternative opinion that I should look like what the character needs in the film.

Because it is also related to my health.

For me, it’s not necessary to be skinny, it’s enough to be healthy. Now, I’ve been actively following weight loss efforts.

For that, I started doing yoga again, doing physiotherapy, following the dietician’s advice.




I wake up at 5.30 every morning. Will do yoga for an hour. I am not in the habit of going to the gym.

So, I do small exercises at home and that’s it.

Apart from this, I regularly practice swimming. I think that’s enough to keep it a bit.



My diet changes every month. I will only take soup for a month.

Especially if there is a photo shoot, I will follow a strict diet for a week.

I will take proper and nutritious food for all three meals. Moreover, my daily diet consists of a lot of fruits.

I love eating fruits.

My mother loves making chicken. Mom cook very spicy.

After coming to the cinema, I avoided sweets a lot.

Especially the caramel custard and gulob jamun are very popular. I have reduced all of them drastically.


Manjima Mohan’s Skin Care:


I always use minimal makeup. Sometimes I wear simple makeup even when I go for film promotions.

If the character needs heavy make-up only during the shoot, then I will do it.

In my daily makeup routine, sunscreen and moisturizer are two must-haves.

Next is kajal, lip balm and that’s it. By God’s grace I have naturally good skin.

Like my mom. When it comes to hair care, you know that most Kerala women have good hair.

The reason for that is the use of coconut oil. So am I.”


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