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Dyspepsia is the medical name for the disease commonly known as indigestion. Dyspepsia is often characterized by a feeling of fullness and saltiness in the stomach. Symptoms of indigestion are usually found in the upper abdomen.

Abdominal pain, belching, heartburn, upper abdominal bloating, feeling full soon, discomfort after eating, nausea and vomiting are symptoms of gastroenteritis.

Although the condition may seem normal and the symptoms may not seem dangerous, they should take care of them because they can interfere with a healthy, normal life.

Things to know about the underlying causes of indigestion:

1. Diet:

Dyspepsia due to unhealthy eating habits can lead to complications in the gastrointestinal system.

Reasons for this include eating too much, eating food too fast, not chewing enough, and going to bed right after eating.

Salty, sour and oily food items also increase the risk of indigestion.

2. Smoking, Drinking Alcohol:

Smoking and drinking alcohol are the cause of many health problems.

It also increases the risk of heartburn, stomach ulcers, which also leads to digestive problems.

3. Medicines:

Taking medicines without doctor’s prescription can cause digestive problems. Aspirin and then paracetamol tablets are dangerous for stomach health.

Common pain relievers are also very dangerous for indigestion.

4. Medical Conditions:

Digestive problems can also often be a manifestation of underlying problems in the digestive system. Conditions such as gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), peptic ulcers, and gallstones can also cause indigestion.

5. Gastric indigestion:

Gastric indigestion is a condition that can cause problems even when there is no direct cause.

This condition is usually caused by some abnormal conditions in the movement of the abdominal muscles.

To get rid of Dyspepsia…

Indigestion is due to not eating at the right time, our eating habits and lack of sleep.
Mix equal amounts of lemon juice and honey and take one spoon per day.

People suffering from indigestion can cure indigestion if they drink cumin water after eating. Mix one to three aloe vera powder in warm water and drink it to cure indigestion.

Add curry leaves, a little cumin and then a small piece of ginger to a glass of water, boil it, cool it and drink it to relieve indigestion.

Add a quarter teaspoon of pepper powder and also a quarter teaspoon of cumin powder to a glass of buttermilk and drink it twice a day to cure indigestion.

Drink ginger tea. Suku coffee also gives good results. You can add digestive stimulants like mint, ginger, suku, lemon to your diet.

Walk ten thousand steps or one hour daily. People who are not able to walk in the morning can walk at night. Daily walking is very important. It helps in improving our digestion. Do Exercises.


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