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Cell Phone Addiction…Alert Please!


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cell phone Addiction…Alert Please!

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In the modern age, everyone from children to teenagers are cell phones addicts.

United States investigate Common Sense Media.

At the end of it, it has been revealed that “parents are more addicted to cell phones than children”.

The problem is that 45 percent of parents have the understanding that “we are addicted to cell phones”.

But they could not get out of that habit.

On the part of the researchers, parents have to take more care than children to control the use of cell phones.


Let’s see what kind of problems parents using cell phones for too long can cause to children.


Children are three-year-olds, ten-year-olds and teenagers.

All of them have certain expectations and needs from their parents according to their age. For example, for a child under three years of age, hunger and sleep are paramount.

Whenever they are needed, the child’s mind starts looking for the parents. This is where parents go wrong.

Many parents will reassure the child by putting a cell phone in their hands.

A child who grows up listening to the noise of a cell phone eventually becomes mentally ‘connected’ to the cell phone.

The ears and brain play an important role in a child’s behavioral development. A child who grows up listening to his parents will be well behaved.

But in reality, today’s kids don’t get that. Children do not look for their mother even if they want to listen to a story. They are looking for YouTube.

A child under the age of three who does not have access to ‘story words’ has questionable speech and imagination.

Babies who grow up with cell phones don’t have the ability to look someone in the eye and talk. There will be no ability to speak fluently. Because they are not conversation.

The reason is that parents are immersed in digital screens when they should be spending time with them.

Many children under the age of ten suffer from insomnia and behavioral problems.

They are suffering from neck pain, back pain, ‘Text Neck Syndrome’ at an early age.

Children who enter adolescence with these problems tend to lose trust in their parents.

This is the reason why they fail to tell their parents about the psychological and hormonal changes that occur in them.

If parents understand and act in this context, the severity of the problem will be under control.


How to avoid mobile usage?

Working parents stay in touch with the office on social media even after returning home. Most people look at home office work.

Even after coming home, he does not leave the office mentally.

They stay connected with the office team till they go to bed through email, WhatsApp, Facebook.

They should make a mental decision to “turn off the cell phone before going to sleep” and implement it.

Even some non-working parents spend a lot of time watching videos.

They need to find other things to pass the time at home. A better solution would be to focus on other hobbies.

Mobile addiction… a data!


62 percent of parents prefer to keep their cell phone close to their bed when they sleep at night.

Mobile phone ‘notifications’ disturb one in four parents.

Parents don’t stop cell phone use until 30 minutes before bedtime.

The number of parents who say they spend too much time on their cell phones increased by 23 percent in 2019 compared to 2016.

Most kids want their parents to cut back on cell phone use.

This number has now increased by 11 percent compared to the count taken in 2016. 61 percent of parents decide for themselves that their child is more addicted to cell phones than they are.

Most parents don’t think that ‘cell phones cause problems in relationships’. Children who feel that their parents are cell phone addict , feel that there is a ‘crack in their relationship’.


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